FFXIV PvP Feast solo queue 4s Needs ALOT of improvements!

I’ve been stuck on bronze since the start of season 1. I just cannot get out of bronze because every time I’m so close I start to get ESO/LORE farmers who have no clue how to play PvP and does not care about other player’s ratings. I’ve lost a lot of silver promos because of these useless players, all they care is getting their eso/lore tomes. I have reported the same eso farmer players countless of times, but he is still out there queuing solo 4s to screw things up for the rest of the players who actually wants to advance ranks. I’m getting so sick of this… Everytime I deal with them they have an excuse “It’s my first time, be nice… instead of bitching, how about you teach me?” It’s ranked mode for a reason, its not my responsibility to teach anyone who queue ranked mode, they should know better.

And most of these players wear i120s-157s gear or are fresh 60s, treat the opponents like PvE trash mobs instead of focusing healing the player almost dying the healer will spam AoE heals and get mad when he gets called out for not healing properly.

I understand that most of the newbies wants to get a feel of PvP Feast but cannot get a queue for 8s, I have a suggestion that could fix this and I hope SE take this suggestion into consideration.

1) REMOVE LORE/ESO tomes from Feast 4s solo queues, since its “Ranked” it should only be for serious players interested in advancing their ranks. People farming tomes should have NO business queuing this mode.
2) Increase the amount of Eso/Lore tomes for Feast 8s, this way the queue for 8s will not be so dead and all the eso/lore farmers will be here instead of on ranked mode screwing the match for players who actually wants to advance ranks.

I’m very upset right now, I’ve just lost another silver promotion. I have more than 200+ matches, I already lost counts on how many silver promos I’ve lost due to trolls/lore farmers. Reports doesn’t work, I see the same lore/eso farmers on matches almost everyday!

OP, you might want to consider that the reason why you haven’t reached silver out of over 200 matches might possibly have something to do with yourself. I am also on Primal, with more or less about the same amount of matches played as you, and have not run into someone legitimately trolling, or intentionally throwing the match to farm eso/lore. What I have run into, are lots of inexperienced, casual, or “bad” players. I’m not saying that it doesn’t happen, but I find it very unusual that you are claiming to have run into over 200 matches worth of trolls and lore farmers.

I do not mean to come off as rude or demeaning, I am just simply speaking from personal experience. I recently switched classes in pvp a few days ago, and I sucked, a lot. In fact I sucked so much that I lost something like 300 rating trying to learn how to play. I still suck, but now I suck a little less because I would keep track of my progress and go back and rethink what I should have done that I didn’t do whenever I lost. I would look up on forums what I should be doing, what rotations are viable, and I would watch videos of people who played the class that I’m trying to learn. I’d practice my rotation on a dummy, (lol) and practiced (still practice) in Seal Rock, where learning your class isn’t as frustrating as it is in the Feast. And most importantly, I would pay attention to my opponents of the same class and take note of what they’re doing.

For whatever class you are playing, I would suggest looking at yourself and applying some of what I’ve done and see if that helps. It’s easy to blame others, but it’s hard to self improve. Sorry for going slightly off-topic here, by the way.

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