FFXIV Palace of the Dead Floors 1-50 Overview & Guide

The worst thing is that a new ,,trend” is already forming where people purposely wipe on floor 49 if they havent gotten an upgrade… while i can see that ypu dont want to do floors 1-41 again simply for another chance of getting an upgrade this is insanely frustratrating and infuriatin, epecially in a matched party when u are farming the shards.

today this happend 3 times to me where people pulled the entire floor and wiped the group because of this, and i think that this is, especially in a matched party, absolutely inacceptable, from now on i will report these players in the player support, im not accepting some cunts wasting my time because they didnt get their fucking upgrade….

i see you have adressed this in the video aswell, but i still had to complain

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