FFXIV OST – Shiva’s Theme

White mage is a tricky healer but really really strong too. tricky in regards to MP management. Scholars are the laziest healers I know – with some good DPS support. AST healers are jack-of-all-trades, but master of none. See them more as time mages, being able to speed recovery (such as MP/TP), speed up attacks (arrow), speed up recast timers (Spear), or just have general dps increases/ dps taken surpression (bole).

For the rock song part I always get the vision of Shiva on stage singing it, with Garuda on guitar/backup vocals, Ramuh wearing sunglasses and playing bass, and Titan on drums.

I just started a week or two ago, and I got up to Titan using Mouse/Keyboard… But after about 3 FULL attempts, I was like imma try controller. Beat it in one go. Haven’t looked back. I just couldn’t react to AoE’s in time using keyboard.

I had the same problem until I switched to a mechanical keyboard. The electronic ones add too much latency on top of reaction times. Plus a decent mechanical board has macro buttons that make life super easy including crafting for you while you’re away.

While I like the fact that all the post-50 primals have two different tracks for their two phases, this one always sends chills down my spine. It’s so much better than Oblivion, it’s infuriating. Although the transition at Diamond Dust is still pretty fucking awesome.

while i enjoy all the music from FFXIV, this one took my by surprise, and how it’s timed with her using Diamond dust had me fanboying for a while after. (also brought me here to listen to it again, great piece) so thanks for making it easily accessible.
yes i could BUY the soundtrack, not even that expensive, but listening to FFXIV music while not playing FFXIV.. will naturally make me sit there and make me wanna play FFXIV. so it’s redundant!

it’s funny that everyone complain about how they play did you read the description of the video before complaining at their gameplay ? They where playing dum on purpose to capture the whole song correctly cause the figths is so easy its hard to be in it more than 2 minutes.

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