FFXIV OST – Edda’s Theme

I already had an idea as to her being involved in this, but…well, it was still rather upsetting having to take her down after everything that’s happened to her…I had to fight the compulsion to cry after the fight and the sidequest, but part of me is still worrying about her comment of the “robed figure”.

Given that you can access this pre-50, I’m wondering if in fact is is Nabriales…or a different Ascian. There’s enough Ascians, that maybe when they expand PotD, we’ll fight (and beat the heck out of) the Ascian-hole who did this to her.

I feel terrible for Edda. Not only was she cast out of her party because they accused her for the death of a companion, but she felt so rejected she turned to the dark arts for companionship. Later to die and have herself curse to the one who roams the Palace of the Dead.

To think this is the same girl who was in the party when I was about to enter Sastasha, hmm does that mean the disembodied head mount and boss was her…umm… Avere, tragic and creepy but mostly tragic.

FFXIV uses a lot of antiquated language meanings. Bosom used to refer to the chest, and in some cases what’s inside the chest (the heart). It could also refer to the feelings or what’s within a person’s being. It wasn’t used to refer more specifically to a woman’s breasts until the 20th century.

It’s also revealed their DD Allainne was in love was Avere, which is why she was so brutal on Edda. She ended up at the waking sands, and died during the Raid there by empire forces. So Edda never killed anybody, despite her dungeon suggesting otherwise. She just went insane and tried to revive Avere using corpse bodies. She did attempt to kill the lalafell, though.

If you talk to the NPCs around as you go through the main questline, you’ll actually see their party alive and kicking beforehand outside of the first Dungeon too. I think second and third as well. There’s a lot of little things like that to be had for those who are observant enough to catch them.

When I met Edda, I was like “Woah, she’s totally a plain side character”. I even forgot about her! And after her fightI was like “I want to cry the whole day!”. It’s so amazing that like EVERY at least slightly important character in FFXIV has a deep story.

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