FFXIV OST Duelling Theme / Palace of the Dead

I seem to hear a hint of ramuh’s theme a bit. It is pretty catchy. Are most of the music reused remixed together? and who is composing these music? I don’t remember.

Yeah there’s a lot of rearrangements and using motifs all over the shop to match what’s going on (this is mostly a rearrangement of Melt, the standard Heavensward battle theme for example). Masayoshi Soken is the composer, he took over after Nobuo Uematsu a while back.

MCH also got crazy burst, maybe even stronger than SMN. It’s entirely dependent on Between the Eyes though, so if someone hits your target out of bind or whatever you’ll fail miserably.

She’s wearing the Eikon Leather caster top (crafted il220) with the adept’s thighboots, which are the level 57 crafting ones you can buy with blue scrips. Those are the main bits.

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