FFXIV OST – Alexander: Cruise Chaser’s Theme

I love how varied the music is in FF14. Not every boss battle has to sound all doom and death. I was playing the new Emerald nightmare raid in WoW and while the raid itself was good I noticed the music was just sooo boring. The raid included nightmare versions of existing areas and they didn’t even remix the music from those areas.

It also comes down to the quality of the music lol. Jeremy Soule makes western styled background music that is absolutely great to listen to all the time, many others do not. i doubt blizzard can match ff even if they try the Japanese take game orchestral very seriously its not just ff check out Zelda wild arms the list gos on and on some of the greatest sound tracks ever and i mean ever.

In the sound when they scream FORWARD AND BACK, to anyone else, does it sound like the voice is trying to mimic a sound of gears harshly grinding against each other at high speed? If you’ve ever had homemade ice cream, the ice cream churn sounds similar when it’s grinding inside to churn the ice cream xD Does anyone get what I meant?

I freaking love this song. This fight is amazing too! Also love it has elements from past Alex songs too! SE makes some darn good music! I was in here for a long time with people dropping and everything (though we were getting it) and this song didn’t get annoying once.

I find these boss fights to be very unbalanced. The boss is tunnel visioned in its targeting and the fact that players can see the area where the attacks will land just is too easy to react to. Plus the boss’ combat style is awkward and repetitive. The players can execute combos, the boss ought be able to do so too. And I feel the same way for all these boss battles…

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