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FFXIV Review After Playing Free Trial in 2016 – New Player’s Opinion

It really bothers me when people act like the Main Story is such a big deal breaker in this game. People need to stop treating it like a “Hop in the action MMORPG” its a Final Fantasy game at its core and thats what you should be expecting. It would be like complaing about having to do the story line in FF1-10-12-13.

Because the combat at higher levels is totally different to the obviously more basic intro-level combat you’ll see at 20. Reaching L20 in a new class can be done in a few hours maybe and the first dungeons obviously aren’t challenging. The game has a stupid amount of systems etc going on and wants to let players engage with as many as they want, so it takes a lot of time to introduce them all individually. Hence yeah, the start is slow.

I’ll tell you why: Because most classes are boring in the beginning and early dungeons are also boring. An example is Black Mage. Black Mage, or it’s beginning class the Thaumaturge is probably the most boring class you’ll ever play at the first 20 levels. It seriously is just a boring, spam fest of the same spells. Thunder 1 > Fire I spam until you are unable to use Fire 1 anymore then Transpose > Blizzard 1 just as filler and then when MP regens it’s just Thunder 1 > Wait for MP tick > Traspose > Fire 1 spam all over again.

When you get the job Black Mage and level it up a bit more (because honestly it’s still boring when you barely unlock it) and get Thundercloud and Firestarter traits, the job easily becomes more entertaining. Your AoE rotation doesn’t even get entertaining at all until 50 because until 50, all you are going to be doing is spamming Fire II. With Lv50, you get Flare. Still going to be spamming Fire II most of the time with AoE, but Flare is basically the finisher to your AoE rotation each and every time, because the big boom carries some great numbers of DPS. Single rotation gets fun when you unlock the traits I said above, but it gets REALLY fun when you unlock Fire IV, which is the last spell you unlock at 60.

You see where I’m going with this? It’s nice to see the basics, but if that’s all you are willing to see before even trying out the full game (not the demo), you are missing out on a lot of fun and stuff these kind of reviews can’t tell you about. Of course all that is shown in the video is boring. Not saying he did a bad job on the review, but at those levels, it’s almost hard to really do anything great hence why it looks boring.

They removed (or expanded) the Level and Currency cap for Free Trial users now, AFAIK. I played the game for 14 days at Steam and managed to achieve Lv. 29 as Arcanist and Lv. 25 as Thaumaturge, using the same character… and it is really charming, immersive, pretty much what you expect from a Final Fantasy. I will definitely purchase the game soon and continue with my character progression.

at 1:09 you say it’s straight from world of warcraft. I played ffxi and wow, ffxi came first it came out in Japan first then in 2006 it hit the states. the dungeon idea of having certain roles for players and certain mechanics for bosses have been around for many years way before video games.

The majority of clearing healers don’t need mana at that point

Thus, if 1 target only (the main one) then that target will take 100 + 200 potency damage. If 2 targets, main target will take 100 + 100 potency and 2nd target will take 100 potency. If 3, then 1st target is 100 + ~67, 2nd target is ~67 and 3rd target is ~67. And so on. It’s overall damage won’t really increase regardless of how many targets there are, and will do more damage per target the less targets there are.

my reasoning is just based on experience and observations. i know 3 groups where the healers don’t need mana at that point on 3rd leg. i dunno what they’re doing gcd by gcd or how they manage their manage with ethers or refreshes; i just know that all of them do it well enough that they don’t need mp on the 3rd leg. 4th and final phase is different per group; my own group’s healers don’t need mana other than 15s HC mana+15s~ normal mana in last phase, for the entire fight. so from my pov, the majority of clearing healers don’t need mana at that point, and that’s why i said that you should not need mana at that same point.

I hope they make an AF2 set in dungeon gear or something for new jobs. I want a Mustadio set. I tried to glamour it using a yellow dyed tunic and a pair of blue dyed kecks, but it looks awful. Also why can’t we get goggles that can /visor so they’re on our foreheads instead of over our eyes?


the thing about the loss of mana in A4S is that it’s 100% planned around, losing your entire MP pool sounds terrible at first but when you save your resource skills for them it’s really not that bad. It also allows you to be really careless about your mana leading UP to wirbelwind casts, since essentially any mana you’re still sitting on as it casts is “wasted”, so you’re free to burn it all away however you’d like.

They all line up very nicely with the start of the phase so I’ve been popping them there, immediately at the transition after adds. But ferrofluid will come out midway through Wildfire so I’ll lose a couple of GCDs being stunned, not sure if that’s worth it, better to wait till after?

Depending on how long ago he swapped It’s going to take him a while…A4S is pretty tricky for machinists and if he’s new to the job and new to doing it on a4s at the same time his dps will be crap (and he’s only i198 which is kinda low). So that looks about right for someone just picking it up.

Also you should post some more information if you want more information…821 DPS means nothing really…If he’s 821 at the start it’s super bad, 821 after he’s had to sac himself and still doing 821 isn’t to bad though since he’s a noob. Also shouldn’t he be here asking for tips or looking at this and not you?

The numbers I posted above were usually 2nd/early 3rd leg parses with a few quarantines. If the fight were to progress any further, and with my group’s strategy of making the BRD/MCH sac 3x times, I would imagine his DPS would be around 500 – 800 for the entire fight. As for the specific tips I was looking for, I found a few watching Aiuri’s POV streams.

I love the aesthetics of the machinist job but its complexity kinda worries me. My main is scholar but my secondary is dragoon and I think I’m not too bad at it. I know the rotation well and do good dps. Compared to dragoon, is machinist really hard? I’m not really used to reacting to unforeseen events on dragoon since the only rng bit would be deciding if I should use Wheeling Thrust or Fang & Claw depending on the proc and from what I’ve seen machinist relies A LOT on procs. Is there someone who plays both and could put them in perspective?

2nd reload/rico/reassemble – on CD if it comes up in first phase. you will unlikely use all of your ammo; but you can keep storing ammo with QR for the lone knight dps check while you do the megaflare pillar+holy chains. if you push first phase with really high dps (all i210 etc) these skills won’t be off cd before phase change, but otherwise, you can get a bit of extra dps here.

Claw to keep BotD up and would try to only Geirskogul

Not only is the Enliven change a straight buff for them too, Enliven will greatly synergize with their abilities, giving them the biggest boon of all. Being able to wave off their positional requirements means they will never miss Trick Attack and they’ll be able to Duality-Aeolian Edge safely while vulnerability is still up for a huge combo. Pray they don’t DWAD right afterwards.

One might think DRG has the best mobility out of the three jobs and they’d be right, provided you’re not constantly fighting and have a moment’s respite between fights. In a Feast context, where you’re constantly fighting and need your abilities on demand as much as possible, the Weapon Throw removal will affect dragoons the most.

Dragoons have Spineshatter Dive on a 1min cooldown, Dragonfire Dive on a 2min cooldown and Elusive Jump every 3min. One minute is a long time to wait if you use SD to gap close and get pushed back, stunned, slowed, slept right after using it. If SD is down, we can fall back on DD, but that means we’ll almost always hold off on its bursty 250 potency just in case we need it to gap close. Elusive Jump being on a 3min CD is nothing short of a joke as it is more often than not already on cooldown because we used it to break from a Bind or Heavy.

I do think that DRG burst definitely needed to be nerfed. The burst was ridiculously absurd if you actually used your abilities correctly. I’m half and half on the Weapon Throw nerf. In terms of catching up to ranged, tanks literally have nothing, DRKs have a gap closer and a heavy and that’s it, add to that the fact that they’re probably the weakest job in PvP atm providing little for the team. Ranged jobs literally had no counter play to melee once they pop Fetterward. It made it worse that you couldn’t even escape from them with WT on top of all of their gap closers.


15 seeconds of removal for positionals, that’s at max 2 abilities (Rotations?) for NIN and every ability for MNK. I think the Enliven for MNKs make them too crazy. They already have a 6 second AoE pacify, 20% AoE Healing steroid, on top of crazy splash damage and pretty decent burst. On top of that as you mentioned a 30s gap closer.

I really hoped that NIN was going to get some more buffs during this patch cause personally NIN feels the weakest out of the 3 and I have played all 3 a pretty decent amount. Personally, after reading these patch notes I might just go to MNK over DRG now, that one buff from Enliven is probably gonna make that job completely insane, I feel like that’s around a 20-30% damage increase already.

Honestly I think I play DRG differently from everyone else. I never actually thought that the positionals for DRG made a difference to me. It literally only buffed my Chaos Trust. I have never once used Wheeling Thrust or Fang and Claw on a player once in PvP since I started playing DRG. BotD was a buff for my Jumps and a Geirskogul proc for me. I never kept it up unless I was on the Ice crystal thingies in Shatter.

That’s a shame since Wheeling Thrust and Fang and Claw are pretty potent when combined with the old impulse rush (now enliven). I’m actually the opposite and would Wheeling Thrust/Fang and Claw to keep BotD up and would try to only Geirskogul when I was reasonably sure the move would kill or lead to a certain kill.

These changes are finally gonna force me to either stop PVP’ing or stop playing DRG in PVP even though its been pretty much the job I’ve been most synonymous with since I’ve started PVP’ing. I was fine with monk being superior to DRG before this patch (hell mnk is my main in PVE and has been since I started playing in 2.0 so I could have used that job at any point if I wanted to especially now with the constant streams of buffs it receives) as I enjoyed its playstyle, have never liked following the lambs with jumping to the latest flavor of the month in terms of jobs (i.e mnk, war, mch, brd), and liked that there were so few ppl using the job at one point relative to the other jobs.

But now that the job is so much worse than monk its pretty much masochistic at this point to use it over monk. Case in point as great a DRG as link is for the primal data center its still no coincidence that not only is he the only DRG in the top 10 but he is also the melee with the lowest win rate in there as well with all the monks ahead of him (hilariously no nins in sight). Yet DRG gets hit with another nerf stick lol?

No idea what I’ll use now in PVP as im loathed to use my BRD since i hate ranged (pvp wise I like to be in your face and on top of you when I kill you. not 15 yalms away attacking you where you may or may not notice me doing so), do not like the invincible feeling of being a WAR and do not find joining the faceless sea of MNKs already in the data center to be particularly appealing either.

The premade party only thing should remain

If anything I think the premade party only thing should remain, you should be made to start from floor 1 not 51, to get to 101-200. And if you wipe, you should be forced to restart from floor 1 after a week long ban from POTD completely. With your stats reset to +0 on both arm and armor (or +1 if that’s what it started at by default). And yes, I know a certain someone is going to come here and tell me not to have kids again… but I still stand by my beliefs in this. It should be a timesink in terms of getting to the floor, and then brutally difficult once you reach it, and failure should be punished heavily.

I’m fairly certain if you’re asking for this you haven’t touched 150+. No healer? Dead. Someone not on the ball with dodges? Dead, potentially even wiping the entire party. Some random pulling hate on a Chimera at a bad time? Everyone gets AOE’d and instant-wipe.

Pretty much this. Good luck with Behemoth on 170 (?) with randoms. I cleared 200, and the last 30 or so floors are some of the most mentally draining things I’ve ever done in this game. The rng nature of the place has you on edge constantly, because you know that one false move (chimera trains anyone?) is gonna make the last 4 hours you spent in the place mean absolutely nothing.


Most of the people in my FC that run PotD don’t try to run just 10 floors a week, they try to run the whole thing in one day. So that 4-8 hours or w/e is a pretty significant amount of time to lose. I’d actually feel WORSE if I spent 9 weeks getting to floor 190 and wipe than grinding away my saturday afternoon and wiping. I’ve avoided it simply due to the having to start over at lvl 51. Like others have said, 51-150 is very boring unless the party is bad and losing that time grinding through boring floors is just not worth it to me. I factor in “potential time lost” in my time commitment, not just setting aside time to do something, I guess.

I would prefer starting at 101 but wiping on floors 101-150 will only make you restart on the floor after the last boss you beat (111,121,131,141). Then on 151+, if you wipe, you lose all progress and start over at 101. To me, that would get more people to at least try it since the starting levels aren’t that punishing. I’d settle for just starting at 101, tbh.

Actually no. Floors 101-200 isn’t really hard enough to require a fixed party. And the great thing about opening it in the Duty Finder is that if people want to take the risk of getting wiped because of a bad player, they understood that when they used the Duty Finder, yet you can still go in with a fixed party if you want.

Actually, no. You can handle every floor without a dedicated healer just fine. You simply need to be careful and know when to exploit your self heals. Paladins can also serve a pseudo-healer if needed and we all know Warrior is just stupid with all its self-healing. Would the necessary coordination work in duty finder though? Probably not. At the same time, who cares? If you don’t want to risk a bad group, you can still go in with a premade.

150+, there is a Flood Dragon mob that turns around to use an ice puddle AOE 5-6 sec after you pull it that does around half health on non tanks on impact and applies a frostbite that ticks for an insane amount of damage (5k per tick on dps) that will drop someone in about 2 ticks with no healing or cleanse. Need a fast cleanse for that or paean if no dodge. Worst mob in there.

Chimera is next since the voices need to be silenced and a non dodge causes a one shot. The worm doesn’t use the draw in insta wipe unless you dps it too slow. Crawler uses a really bad poison but if you stun after getting slowed you can avoid it.

They are not going to remove the option of going in with a fixed party, if that is what you want. All we are asking is to let those of us that want to go in with matched to be able to do so. It is called give me the choice and I can decide what I want to do. To just have it gated for no REAL reason is ludicrous.

The funny part of this is that there REALLY is NO reason to have it gated. You can choose what you want to do if you want to go it with fixed party that is YOUR choice. Don’t try to dictate what I am doing based on what you want to do. No one is asking you to join a mixed party if YOU do not want to. You queue as you see fit. What is the big deal? I pay $$ and I want to have a choice that’s called freedom of decision. Is there an amendment for that? How about “Freedom of Choice” is a fundamental right, grouped with a “Right to Privacy”. The Ninth Amendment alludes to it and the Fourteenth Amendment enforces it.

Thundercloud change was extremely beneficial in A1 Savage

I do believe there is no reason to use Sharpcasft Fire 1 in between rotations DPS wise. You gain more betting on the 40% and having a free Thundercloud proc worth 780 Potency after that Fire 1. This mean it should do about 660 Potency if you clip 3 ticks. 700 Potency if you clip 2 ticks. It’s much better than Fire 3 proc. Actually, F3 proc is 432 Potency and T3 Thundercloud is 460 Potency + 320 from ticks lol.

I’m not saying your numbers are wrong but they may be misguided. Don’t forget to take opportunity costs into account. Every potency you take from the previous Thunder, every F4 you turn into a B1 or another T1, will make it a lot less simple than just 780 vs F4 vs F3 (IE even though technically using a Thundercloud at 18s left of Thunder is a DPS gain in pure potency, it’s not actually a tangible DPS gain because you traded a different move + last Thunder’s duration + a potentially weaker future Thunder since you’d be clipping then too for that Thundercloud). In some cases Thundercloud will straight up be virtually the same DPS as without if you clip too hard and you lose a F4, and clip near the end and you might be losing 300+ potency by trading in a B1 for an F4.


Not saying Thundercloud doesn’t have a place, or your idea about Sharpcast T1 definitely isn’t real (I see a lot of opportunity cost there though), just I think you should look deeper than what a DoT will do for you right then and there; after all, if on SMN you do Bio > Bio, technically the second one is almost full potency but you just made that first Bio absolute garbage. Without going into the math heavy I think it will mostly be a situational dummy increase depending on where it is in our rotation. I also think the best thing to know for now is if you have to dodge and you have Thundercloud it is absolutely worth it to skip a F4 later on in that instance, because that’s a real, tangible scenario where you wouldn’t have done anything without Thundercloud.

I wonder about that. If you use the whole 30 as efficiently as possible, say with procs and thunder during Umbral Ice, your second rotation might be just long enough to where you can just let enochian expire and wait the 5 seconds to refresh it.

Doesn’t sound like a DPS increase, but it does sound like you’re giving more leeway for procs which might be a net increase.

I don’t think making thunder better was the right fix. It’s like if you were having problems getting furniture through a doorway and the solution was to get heavier furniture. I guess you might have an easier time making a larger doorway, though probably not on purpose.

All very good suggestions, though rather than having fire 4 affect AF stacks I think it should be able to proc firestarter. Since f3 is no longer our strongest spell outside of flare and since we have to worry about enochian falling off it would turn firestarter procs into a utility cast. Need to move? Fire 3. Accidentally lost all your AF stacks? Fire 3. This solution would give is slightly more dps in ideal situations without an unnecessary flat potency increase and would give us more tools for mobility and utility than we have now.

So far the Thundercloud change was extremely beneficial in A1 Savage. You can definitely exploit 2 targets to get multiple procs. I’m also extremely satisfied with my first kill parse on BLM. I did 1009 DPS and this is considering I got hit by a missile and lost damage near the end. It wasn’t the best but regardless I am content with it. I like the hard DPS checks, it’s really challenging.

I didn’t manage to break 1k, did about 50 less than you. There were some enrage wipes with me above 1k though, so I’m confident I can reach it. Group comp is PLD, WAR, SCH, WHM, MNK, BRD, SMN, BLM. It looks really bad now that I’m watching the video because I dropped Enochian early a couple of times trying to position adds and didn’t bother reapplying it before the jump because I’d just lose it again, so I just used 2.0 rotation until the jump and the thunder change really helped my DPS here I think. I made a lot of stupid decisions during adds where I could have done much better, but it was our best pull yet so I was just focused on not wiping the group. Also used a Pot when it was off CD instead of saving it for after the final jump, something I’ll remember next week.

Archaeornis Leather is so expensive relative to other new things largely

For old stuff, check out what’s happened to Rose Gold Ingots and Gold Ingots. All my Weathered Soldiery items converted into Rose Gold Ingots, so they might be tanking in value. Also, you can now buy all the Soldiery mats from the GC vendor. Since most people expected a new GC rank, I’ll bet most people did what I did and saved up 50k GC seals pre-expansion only to find that not only are there no new GC ranks, we’re getting tons of GC seals from GC turnins for crafting leveling, so we need to dump our seals fast. I’ll bet all GC mats are tanking… though some are also needed for airships, so that may go up instead. It’s hard to tell. On that note, Rose Gold Ingots are also needed for airships, so they might and might not be going down.

When I have time to go back into game, I’ll have to check the “c51” items from before and see if I’m a total derp and they were r120, not r115. Or if the lowest new crafter items are actually listed as c50 and are r115, which would be really weird. It’s looking like crafter levels are working the same as fish levels, I just didn’t pay enough attention to my own data. Oops! I’ll update it soon.

The best way to help me would be if you put your yields on the google doc I linked in the OP. There’s a “Public Data” page where anyone can put stuff. To use it: the “num” is the maximum number of that item you’ve ever gotten (chances seem uniform between 1 and max), the “times” column is the number of times you’ve gotten that result from desynthing (NOT the total number of items, just the number of times you received 1+ of that item), and ignore HQ/NQ (it’s 20% chance of HQ for all mats).


If you send me your google account name via email or by posting it in the “Public Comments” section of the sheet, I can add a page for you to enter data on. The sheet is protected the way it is to prevent/reduce vandalism. Because reasons.

Bridesmaid is not that great on my server, since Field3 has crashed in just two days and sells for 20k or so now. Spruce wood and Hyppo leather have compensated the costs.I’ve started buying Archaeoskin Belts since 94d skill, with NQ bacon and Tinker it was 20ish percent. Out of about 40 successful desynths I had 0.9 gain 1-2 times, 0.8 about 20 times and the rest were 0.6 and 0.4.

Yeah, FC3s are no longer required for crafter progression, so it makes sense that they’re tanking. I’m so sad none of the new stuff uses demimateria (with trivial exceptions) I’ll update the LTW note next time I update the guide. Still, 6k for an i70 item isn’t that bad. You have to get up high enough to do the r115 stuff somehow.

Archaeornis Leather is so expensive relative to other new things largely because the skin is a pain to get right now. The enemies that drop it do so pretty rarely. I killed twenty and only one dropped the skin, though it did drop three. Compared to items that are mined or harvested, this is far, far slower – I obtained 60 Mythrite Sand (12 nuggets worth) in the time it took me to get 3 Archaeornis Skins (1 leather worth). The leather also takes Coerthan Tea Leaves, which appear to only be from an unspoiled node, unlike the base mats for other classes which take stuff from non-unspoiled. The easiest way to get it seems to be desynth, actually. The leaves are also needed for the next level of leather. Why couldn’t they have given us seeds for the tea leaves too? No new items can be grown in gardens…

So, everyone who is an LTW desynther and reading this thread, capitalize on desynthing the belts right now before the price of leather tanks. You can get them for only 9k from vendors if the MB prices are higher than 9k. The belts are r115, can drop up to two leather, and only have one other ingredient. You should be able to make much more than they cost as you level to ~140 dSkill, just like we did with the Bridesmaid’s Sandals. Just, uhh, if you’re on Faerie, don’t do this before I can.

So, it seems that the way to tell what’s r115 and what’s r120 for the c51 items is to look at the “Difficulty” of the craft. Items with 339 Difficulty are r115, and items with 421 Difficulty are r120. As a side-note, it seems the levels listed in XIVDB for the recipes are the “rlvl”s that I’ve been referring to. They have “Agate Ring of …” as “recipe level 115” and “Yeti Staff” as “recipe level 120”.

The sheathes aren’t iconic

I’m not quite sure why this suggestion bugs you so. The sheathes aren’t iconic, the sword(s) are. As of now they’re just empty sheathes, if they adding the swords in just for decorative purposes I wouldn’t mind them, but for them to just be empty? It’s as much part of the vest as my bag being part of my shirt (not part of it all).

To be fair Mr strife didn’t have the need for his 7 sword motorcycle or his back mounted weapon store until advent children hit it big. It would’ve made sense to me to have a “strife outfit” and/or an “advent strife outfit” to pick from (especially since in advent children he used multiple swords as opposed to the Buster Sword) but seeing the 3x repeated lightning event that’s sole purpose was to hype up the XIII franchise I can only assume we got the ff7 remake outfit to hype that up too.

The sheathes are apart of the costume therefore they are iconic, it bugs me because people think they’re entitled to having past Final Fantasy characters costumes changed to suit their needs.


Sure they made the XIII stuff dyable but asking for something to be removed from the costume itself doesn’t make sense, the whole point of implementing this costume was so folk could dress up as one of the most iconic characters in the series.

Gotta disagree with you there. Particularly this side of the world. Even with the new Dissidia featuring the original as default, he’ll still appearing in the Advent Children garb more often.

As for the post being idiotic, you’re being overly harsh. One (or two) people wanting to alter an iconic costume is not worth the manpower required to add a toggle, nor for the extra client resources it’ll require in terms of asset layers in a game already pushing it’s resource limits on *cough* certain platforms.

Was rather referring to him just being outright against it.You get the costume as a reward. Doesnt necessarily mean it should change to please the minority, but as an option for something very minimal to the costume (iconic or not) it wouldnt be a far stretch to do.

If I may intervene on this, his Advent Children outfit was in Dissidia, and apparently from this video, the weapon rack is nowhere to be seen on the vest. So I would argue that the weapon rack is hardly iconic, otherwise Dissidia cut out an absolutely crucial piece of Cloud’s outfit.

Whether the sheaths are iconic or not is up for debate. (My vote would be “not” since they’re just an Advent Children thing.) But regardless, they’re clearly not part of the vest. They’re part of the swords they’re designed to hold. If we don’t get the arsenal of swords, then we shouldn’t get that odd piece of it attached to an unrelated vest. An empty sheath (let alone an empty multi-sheath thing) is just weird.

I do, however, agree with Bhuni on one point. An on/off toggle for this one item when no other chest slot items have such a toggle would not be an effortless feature to add, and probably not worthwhile unless there was a wide range of such items with parts to toggle on/off.

As for your first argument, saving polygons might be the reason why it wasn’t included, but it doesn’t change the fact that he wasn’t wearing the sheath. If he wasn’t wearing it in one game, it sets the precedent for the outfit to appear without it in another, regardless of whether polygons still need to be saved. It isn’t intrinsic to the outfit, so the outfit can exist either with it or without it (for another example, a lot of figurines of Cloud in that outfit don’t include the sheath).

And for your second argument, I’ll be honest, I don’t remember the circumstances surrounding the screenshot I posted. Is there something in particular that happened that would result in him not wearing a sheath, but keep his clothes and motorcycle intact?

ANIMA NERFS GALORE! FFXIV Patch 3.38 Overview & Thoughts

I totally get your point on low pop servers. But I do think that relics relying on the market is a good decision, it forces people to farm in a lot of different ways and people with money can skip the farm by using the market (capitalism working as intended). What most people tend to complain is how much it costs, but those are usually the lazy ones, as they don’t even consider the possibility of farming the mats like they should and they just get played by the market.

I do have some interest in game development, but I will probably take my career in the way of cyber security and see how it goes, later I might give game development a chance professionally, and not just as a hobby.

FF14 is kinda too casual, FF11 was too grindy, more of a middle ground would be nice. FFXIV is missing on content between patches, the hype on patches works well, but it dies out too quickly. I would discuss some ideas on how to fix this or take it in a better direction, but I don’t think this comment section is the place for this.

I do think SE could be doing more, FFXIV is making a lot of money, they should be reinvesting more and increasing the dev team. This would let them to test a lot of new ideas and tweak what works.

belialpt I’ll be honest, I tried to get enough Gil to do the 210 weapon, and burned out so hard I only just fired the game back up again today, and only because my FC asked if I was coming back. I’m glad I did, but that step was far to much, much the same way A3S apparently nuked the raid community.

Why are you all upset? Since day one you knew this is coming. I mean you knew nerfs were coming. You could have waited. I only got the relics that I needed IE if the 230 relic is better than the lore and I actively play the class then I got it. If you grind this stuff out early idk why you think you should be upset when nerfs come. They’re inevitable and as I said you could have waited lol.

It’s the method of nerfing. Its a kick to the balls to players that continue to play everyday and spend what they obtain on a day to day basis, while rewarding people that didnt play and had completed 30% of the grind.

The one way that wouldnt hurt anyone would be to increase the amount of items rewarded from doing said activities from patch day forth. Not reducing the cost.

Character in FIRST character slot is the problem

I saw that but don’t think it’s correct. I am in Limsa and haven’t been able to get in for the last two hours. There was at least one other person that posted they were in Limsa too, and they could log in with their alt but not their main. It seems like it could be related to the main character on your account. Others have confirmed they can’t log in with their main but they can with their alts.

This struck me as odd also – but in my case 1 of my “ALTS” is the same level and “I Level” as the character I consider my “MAIN”. I am wondering if its positional – like character in FIRST character slot is the problem – anyone have a character they cant log into that isn’t in the first slot?

Yeah… I thought it was weird that Reddit went quiet when I STILL cannot log into the game getting the same errors as other on here. I am on Hyperion, and sadly regret restarting my client to get my mouse settings to work before raid because since I couldnt get in my raid group had to call it. That was more than 2 hours ago and all I am seeing that SE only stated that it had already been “addressed”.


The common thread I seem to be seeing is everybody who got disconnected while in an instance (Dungeon, trial, etc) is having this issue. Hopefully the team is working on that; Kinda disappointed I didn’t get to do my roulettes tonight.

Maiko here from Hyperion, and yeah I’m getting the same error code (90002) something must of happened with the wards or something. I always log out there for the night. I’m also having issues logging in. Looks like I won’t be playing tonight. Hopefully we’ve put up enough of a stink to raise some attention.

Yet another chiming in on being 90k’d on certain characters. I’ve been able to log in on various alts over on the Aether data center, but unable to log in on my main or two alts on Behemoth for hours now. All three of those were logged out/90k’d in Lavender Beds, however I’m able to log into my two other alts that had been logged out in Limsa/Ul’dah.

I’m both glad (and sad) that i’m not the only one having this problem. Its currently 1:45am CST time for me and it says i have an excellent connection when i try to log into my main on Ultros, but when i try to log in it gives me a 10105 error and my connection turns poor. I can log into my alt on Adamantoise with my “poor” connection just fine. Before they did the maintenance I was getting the same error except before it was also saying that the server was full and tried to put me in a queue before letting me see the loading screen and going right back to the error page. Last time was i logged in was 5am CST this morning and i was somewhere in Gridania.

I don’t frequent these forums usually, but is it normal for Square Enix to ignore people in this technical support forum? Is there any point to this if it takes this long and they still haven’t noticed there’s a problem? Is it also normal to not be able to get timely support from their online chat or email support systems?

I see there’s yet another status update on the news site that says Excalibur was down and is back. Is it really so hard for them to pay attention to the community to make sure that their servers actually work? If they’re aware of this issue, any kind of acknowledgment or communication would be greatly appreciated.

And on a related note, are we going to be issued any kind of game time credit for this outage? This has almost been an entire day’s worth of playing gone for some people. A day of credit seems reasonable given the circumstances.

Im honestly surprised it isnt fixed by now, we were on track for a A5S clear, very close to winning and as far as I know I’m still stuck in alex while everyone else has been able to log back in . I really really hope they at least acknowledge us or do something about this soon, this is totally going to screw up my Ixal dailies and my roulettes.