FFXIV – Live Letter 33 Announcement & Predictions

I doubt it, mainly because we have Tokyo Fanfest on Christmas. They won’t drop it immediately before or after that, and Dec 13 is too early. Really don’t think they’ll drop it right after new years (and I hope not because that’s MAGFest weekend), so Hap’s guess of 1/10 is likely the earliest we’ll get it.

I think ARF HM is happening just because the second boss text intimates you are being tested as a bio weapon and get approved for mass reproduction for beating the testing machine. Them allagans sure love their clones.

I hate to harp about FFXI since it was never exactly a perfect and balanced game, but damn the summons looked good there! I’ll take any change on SMN, even if it’s a pathetic glamour that does nothing. I always felt like pets should be doing more for a pet class, Garuda’s always just firing away every few seconds…yay. I’m tired of the ugly glowy blocks following me around.

I honestly could have sworn the Famitsu interview outright said new Diadem is essentially a light party raid…I wanted to hear your thoughts on that, but maybe I misinterpreted what was said. I’ll have to go back and read through it again, I suppose.

if they would just make umbrite available for 100 tomes instead of 300, that portion would become so much easier. I wouldn’t even care about additional methods for obtaining them if they just made that small change.

Personally for “Void Ark 3” I’m mostly curious if the “foreshadowed” bosses will be correct. We know the first fight will be on an airship (superexcited for that) but mob-wise I think we’ll see Diabolos, Ferdiad and Shadow Queen Scathach. Diabolos has been a “given” ever since Void Ark 1 and the reappearance of Ferdiad in the cutscene after the defeat of Calofisteri convinced me that we’ll see him as a boss aswell.

If I had to guess I’d say it’ll be Ferdiad on the aforementioned airship (maybe powered up by the presence of his Queen or due to proximity to the “Fortress of Shadows”.) For the 2nd encounter I’d say, if somewhat predictable, that we might be betrayed by Cait Sith. It’d be fun to approach an empty boss area, after which a cutscene plays and boss-form Cait Sith appears. After that it’s Diabolos follwed by the Queen.Really excited to see where they take this one and on which bosses they decide on Wiping City has been kinda fun mechanics-wise, much better than Syrcus ever was, so I’m really hoping for another Ozma-level encounter. Of course Ozma is only difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing but that could be said for almost any encounter in XIV.

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