FFXIV Lancer Tanks

So I know this is gonna sound insane but I actually realized this during a mishap earlier that took an interesting turn.

So I was leveling my Lancer and I was like one Dung run from 30. I think I was in Haukke if memory serves and in the last room where the bombs killed the tank. In an interesting little coinkidink, I skilled my lancer to tank to help a friend with some mob for a quest or something or another since he was a WHM and forgot to change anything back before I queued.

This is what I had on:
Flash, Convalescence, Blood Bath, Goad, and Shade Shift. I had a toss up of either Foresight or Shade and felt like Shade probably would have been a little better since i could quickly calculate the pay off since DEF is has algorithms. I also debated Goad vs Second Wind. Goad won out because we weren’t bringing a DPS with us.

So what that means is I pulled from three classes, Ninja, Glad, and War in addition to Lancer already having Keen Flurry (80% parry rate after trait) and Leg Sweep, a 20 Sec recast interrupt.

Which I feel makes a pretty good all around basic tank kit. AoE enmity pull, couldn’t spam it, but for the purpose that I had it, it was nice, I could have just as easily taken Savage Blade or Skull Sunder.

That kit with Lancer’s allegedly highest HP count of all the DPS (I think i read this in the DRG guide forum post.) and best DEF (Same place, idk if these two things are true.) it made a pretty nice ‘Oh shizz’ tank.

With that said, I’m not saying they should be a tank, but I think if they made another job stone for Lancer (Like how they have SCH and SMN for Arcanist) I think making it a tank would probably turn out very well.

Thoughts on the concept of a future lancer tank job?

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