FFXIV – How to Machinist: Fake it ’til you make it

The politician analogy is so true. I’m crying with laughter. It all looks really great in action, but only machinist mains know how bullshit it all is. It looks great on a parse, but literally half your overall dps is from cooldowns. How how much of your time is spent actually using potent cooldowns? Very little, and most of it revolves aorund the incredibly rare CD combos possible with wildfire. So most of the time you’re just TRYING to look busy and useful as your overinflated opener DPS floats your parse. Not even people who use ACT can see you’re just a silly wanker.

I tell people BRD is still the more reliable support dps by leagues even with the hypercharge change (foes has far far more uptime. think about that), but everyone is just so impressed by dat burst they think I’m exaggerating.

Merri I love your videos. They always make me smile even when i feel like crap and they are and you are an inspiration. Thank you for all you do. I dont know if you have ever said in any of your other videos. But what do you use to edit and make your videos. Besides the final fantasy 14 game.

Please make these for every class, I just found these and now I can play FFXIV perfectly and now my family and FC will accept me and won’t disown me and leave me with no house, money or car and get Titan to land a salty landslide in me eyes.

I know this isn’t the point of the video, but if you have a degree in Mechanical Engineering, the last thing you’ll be doing in flipping burgers. You’ll be making around 75k a year. Go to school instead, guys. Real life Machinist > FFXIV.

I have a bad habit from FPS games to reload all the time even when I don’t need to. Thanks for the heads up about not having to reload! Super useful stuff here.

I was worried there for a little bit Merri, you scared me when you showed up as an Au Ra in your last shorts video. I thought we had lost you! I’m glad to see you are back to normal! Keep up the good work!

Oddly enough, I followed the same example for Bard, and took Wanderer’s off my hotbar. Who do they think I am… ? A Mage!? I’m a fuckin’ Bard for Christ’s sake. Now I do SO much DPS, that parties always kick me from Thordan EX because they’re so scared I’m just going to outperform their entire Free Company.

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