FFXIV Heavensward vs WoW Legion

I have played both games, both legion and Heavensward. I have to disagree with you about the relic artifact weapons in WoW being more fun. Now I am not saying relics in FF14 are better, but rather that they are the same. Yes the actual act of leveling your weapon in WoW is different, and more engaging than completing a quest, but to get your artifact power you are just doing the same thing. You can get artifact power by 4 major ways in Legion (from my experience): 1. World quest rewards. World quest are daily missions that appear round the map, and are very similar to fates (some have you craft which is about the only different one). 2. Random drops from mobs. 3. Grinding dungeons for boss drops. 4. Follower Missions, basically retainers with a lot more depth. So if your grinding artifact power you are grinding dungeons, after doing all your dailies while you wait for your followers to get back. To me, that is no different from FF14 relic quests that have you grinding fates, grinding dungeons, or doing daily beastman missions. Both get pretty boring after a few dozen hours of grinding, and both could use an improvement.

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