FFXIV Heavensward: Ninjutsu Guide (3.3)

You want use Suiton + Trick Attack for Limit Break, as Vulnerability Up debuff give you more damage(not that much but its nice bonus). Only problem is time needed to do all of that and impatient ranged dps who use theirs(mechanists, like example…), so you need watch hp and start it early.

It could be nice for Fuma Shuriken to be weapon skill, as you could use Duality and have pretty strong ranged/physical attack, but its how it is. You can throw daggers if you need ranged attack or use Raiton, so there is no use for Shuriken besides that rare magicproof mobs..

i use fuuma on raids. especially with the amount of ss were getting from gear. i only raiton if foes is played, i used kassatsu OR when its the boss is about to jump and the clip wont matter.

Theres a google doc that calculates your gcd loss based on clipping you have and tells you which mudra is better to use in certain situations. In most cases fuma beats raiton unless foes is present but Im really surprised how the difference is not even mentioned in video.

Is the new patch worth checking out? I main tank so queuing for content takes no time at all and I usually end up getting all the stuff my character needs really quick. I like the dungeons and stuff but the extra “gimmicky” stuff, like crafting or w/e, I could care less about. Is the new patch worth the time-sink?

I’d actually recommend for people to hit Jin first when doing 2-step combos in PvE (since you’ll likely not use much Hyoton) and Chi first for 3-step combos because you’ll likely not use much Doton.

Another nice trick to remember the use of Ninjutsu is to remember the fact that each sign may only be used once, then just remember how many you have to press and which one has to be the last one, since that’s the only one that matters. Huuton for example needs to have Ten (the blue one) as last one and it is a 3-sign Ninjutsu. In what order you do the other 2 doesn’t matter, as long as you execute 3 different mudras with Ten as final one.

Just a tip, I altered my use of the order I use the mudras for Raiton which might be handy for you. Rather than using Ten – > Chi, which is the order you mentioned you use, I use Jin -> Chi, or 3-2 in your case. The reasoning is if a boss jumps or an enemy dies in a dungeon before you can get off that Raiton, if you used Ten first, then you either have to sit on the Raiton you can’t cast, or change it to a Suiton, which is also less useful if there’s nothing to hit. However, if you use Jin first and you find yourself with nothing left to hit, you can at least hit Ten to follow it up and refresh your Huton.

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