FFXIV: Heavensward – Dark Knight All Job Skills and Abilities Guide

One question. To become a DRK, you firstly must level up any job to level 50, right? Dragoon for example, once yo get to that level and finish the requiered quest in Isghard, I heard you start at level 30, but I dont really understand that, i mean im new in the game and i dont see how can you be level 50 as dragoon and at the same time level 30 as dark knight. Is that in this game you can actually be all the classes with only one character? Am i able to be archer also?

Another thing that worries me is that thing called cross jobs or something like that, I would like to be lancer until i get to dark knight but i heard its preferable to level up as a paladin or gladiator(i dont like them) is there any problem if I get to lvl 50 with a lancer and then become Drk as my main job? Best regards.

i just got Dark Passenger and i was racking my brain trying to figure out how the hell was it useful cause a 150 potency straight line attack with a half a minute cooldown sounds meh but clearly later getting Dark Arts it becomes much better making it be 250 potency and adds Blind for 15 seconds.

With Dark Arts it becomes a great ability to use when pulling. It works similar to Flash, but is a little more difficult to use because of its frontal AoE style. However, it actually does damage unlike Flash. Additionally, it is oGCD, meaning you can weave it into your weaponskill rotation!

Aren’t you sad that the video you show at the end has a sweet aura on the drk’s feet but in the game is isnt there? I thought that was Grit’s aura but they must of took it out. so sad.

this video is wrong about your highest hitting attack, it is not soul eater…. its power slash that is your highest hitting. Soul eater has a combo potency of 260 while power slash has 300. the only way Soul eater has the highest is if you use dark arts witch then makes it a 400 potency and must be combo’d to reach it.

The Aery Dungeon Guide – Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward

The first boss’ electrocution is a line AOE cast at each player, and the damage can stack, so it’s best to lightly spread. Also, the adds have very low health (WHM here, soloing them is easy), so I’d leave the tank tanking.

The second boss gains stacks equal to the amount of poison clouds on the field. The mustard bomb will eat four before self-destructing, giving everyone four stacks of poison (which is about 2k per tick). With good DPS, can rush him down without ever dealing with the bombs, but otherwise killing one at two or three stacks is a good idea.

Finally, the sleeping dragons don’t hit particularly hard. They aggro if you come close, open the chest near the second one, or if you kill one of the babies within a certain range of them; the scream wakes them. The range is such that if you pull the first babies onto the “web” or whatever it is, the scream won’t reach. Killing them isn’t bad, as they really aren’t that strong, and they give a lot of experience.

We’ve actively tried to kill ourselves multiple times in the place, so we know a good bit about it. For example: killing Estinien doesn’t remove the debuff on Nidhogg; it instead causes him to jump away and instant-cast Massacre. We were very disappointed that we didn’t get to fight a crazy powerful Nidhogg.

I know that when the waves of adds pop on the last boss that tries to attack our dragoon friend, it’s good to lb the last big dragon while Nidhogg is casting his wipe aoe. I ran this as nin, and the other dps, a friend, was bard. I also found it easier when you’re trapped in the sir, before you get trapped, move to someone who can get you down asap because if you aren’t cut down asap you die, I also found it easier to keep an eye on and heal or dragoon friend through out the fight since he will take the aoe damage from the orbs placed. Took about 4-6 wipes before we found a good position off to the side of our dragoon friend that was far enough so he didn’t take that much damage but was close enough for our healer to keep him up. It was a painful fight but once you get it down and know what you’re doing then it’s easy Thank you for your awesome dungeon guides and entertaining videos!!

From what I understand, each poison cloud up gives the second boss a damage stack, so letting a bomb eat them makes the boss do less damage. But of course, you want to make sure it doesn’t eat too many and kersplode.

In the areas with the baby dragons and the sleeping dragons: the baby dragons will emit a non-damaging (or very slightly damaging) aoe when they die which will wake the sleeping dragon if they get hit by it so tanks should take care to tank the baby dragons away from the sleeping dragon.

The sheathes aren’t iconic

I’m not quite sure why this suggestion bugs you so. The sheathes aren’t iconic, the sword(s) are. As of now they’re just empty sheathes, if they adding the swords in just for decorative purposes I wouldn’t mind them, but for them to just be empty? It’s as much part of the vest as my bag being part of my shirt (not part of it all).

To be fair Mr strife didn’t have the need for his 7 sword motorcycle or his back mounted weapon store until advent children hit it big. It would’ve made sense to me to have a “strife outfit” and/or an “advent strife outfit” to pick from (especially since in advent children he used multiple swords as opposed to the Buster Sword) but seeing the 3x repeated lightning event that’s sole purpose was to hype up the XIII franchise I can only assume we got the ff7 remake outfit to hype that up too.

The sheathes are apart of the costume therefore they are iconic, it bugs me because people think they’re entitled to having past Final Fantasy characters costumes changed to suit their needs.


Sure they made the XIII stuff dyable but asking for something to be removed from the costume itself doesn’t make sense, the whole point of implementing this costume was so folk could dress up as one of the most iconic characters in the series.

Gotta disagree with you there. Particularly this side of the world. Even with the new Dissidia featuring the original as default, he’ll still appearing in the Advent Children garb more often.

As for the post being idiotic, you’re being overly harsh. One (or two) people wanting to alter an iconic costume is not worth the manpower required to add a toggle, nor for the extra client resources it’ll require in terms of asset layers in a game already pushing it’s resource limits on *cough* certain platforms.

Was rather referring to him just being outright against it.You get the costume as a reward. Doesnt necessarily mean it should change to please the minority, but as an option for something very minimal to the costume (iconic or not) it wouldnt be a far stretch to do.

If I may intervene on this, his Advent Children outfit was in Dissidia, and apparently from this video, the weapon rack is nowhere to be seen on the vest. So I would argue that the weapon rack is hardly iconic, otherwise Dissidia cut out an absolutely crucial piece of Cloud’s outfit.

Whether the sheaths are iconic or not is up for debate. (My vote would be “not” since they’re just an Advent Children thing.) But regardless, they’re clearly not part of the vest. They’re part of the swords they’re designed to hold. If we don’t get the arsenal of swords, then we shouldn’t get that odd piece of it attached to an unrelated vest. An empty sheath (let alone an empty multi-sheath thing) is just weird.

I do, however, agree with Bhuni on one point. An on/off toggle for this one item when no other chest slot items have such a toggle would not be an effortless feature to add, and probably not worthwhile unless there was a wide range of such items with parts to toggle on/off.

As for your first argument, saving polygons might be the reason why it wasn’t included, but it doesn’t change the fact that he wasn’t wearing the sheath. If he wasn’t wearing it in one game, it sets the precedent for the outfit to appear without it in another, regardless of whether polygons still need to be saved. It isn’t intrinsic to the outfit, so the outfit can exist either with it or without it (for another example, a lot of figurines of Cloud in that outfit don’t include the sheath).

And for your second argument, I’ll be honest, I don’t remember the circumstances surrounding the screenshot I posted. Is there something in particular that happened that would result in him not wearing a sheath, but keep his clothes and motorcycle intact?

FFXIV: Heavensward – Scholar Guide (Patch 3.35)

Yes, it’s finally done. After long delays, here is the Scholar guide many have been requesting. In all honesty, I know that there are a few things that I probably missed or didn’t cover thoroughly enough, so while I welcome your support, I would also recommend that you look for other sources as well to help yourselves get as good of a representation of the Scholar job as possible. With that being said, enjoy the guide.

I use sacred soil and succor to mitigate unavoidable raid-wide damage. Use sacred soil first, then succor. If you’re lucky, the succor doesn’t cost any mana. Sacred soil is more attractive when you’re undergeared, because a 10% damage reduction can mean a lot more than a lustrate if your base heal is garbage. Sacred soil is also moderately okay when combined with Aldoquium against tank busters. You can use it when virus is on cooldown.

I often use sacred soil when the tank chain-pull in dungeons. You can precast sacred soil before the tank digs into the mobs, and it won’t generate enmity. It’s also instant cast. You can cast it in cleric stance without losing any effect.

Definitely my favorite fairy for 4 man content. Pop the buffs and you can Cleric Stance basically no matter how big the tank pulls, which makes the run more enjoyable for me. I can see both being useful in 8 man depending on what the priority is (survival, dps check, etc) so it does kind of irk me that there are people who say ‘Selene only’ when it’s really a matter of the right tools for the right situation.

I’m coming back to the game after playing SCH in ARR, and this guide was a great way for me to brush up on what I had forgotten and what skills are new. Thanks for the guide!

I bought a dell laptop for my girlfriend with Intel i5-5200U Broadwell, 5500 HD Integrated Graphics, 8 gigs ram, 1600×900 screen. It plays on standard laptop setting at about 20-30 fps unstable.

She played on it fine. She beat 2.0 content easily. But once she had a taste of my desktop gaming computer with 3440×1440 60fps on high settings + streaming capabilities, she decided to make my gaming PC her platform of choice. I moved to the PS4.

Desynthesis Endgame Guide

This guide may contain inaccurate information. Much of my data is extrapolation, educated guesswork, or what other people have told me. Also, since prices vary from server to server (and from time to time), what I consider the cheapest or most profitable might not be cheap at all for you. If you plan to make money via desynthing, please check MB prices and confirm that my suggestions will bring you a profit on your server before proceeding.

Please keep in mind that because prices are constantly fluctuating, it is hard to pinpoint the absolute cheapest way to level desynth at any given moment. To that end, in most cases, I try to point out multiple items at each level, one of which should be the cheapest. Please compare their costs on your server to determine what’s actually cheapest!

Remember that you will continue to gain desynth experience on every success up until your skill is 25 levels higher than the item. Then, you have a chance to gain experience up until 30 levels higher than the item, at which point you stop gaining experience. When it’s best to stop using one item and swap to a new item is hard to determine, so I’ve often left that choice up to you by overlapping the suggestions. Generally speaking, the more sacrifices you leave for RNGesus, the sooner you should swap. The more you fear the wrath of RNGesus, the longer you should continue with a given item before swapping to the next.


For LTW Raptorskin ring is what i went with and am close to 70 now. It seems to be the cheapest and easiest if you grind mats for it. Wildlings cesti (monk weapon) and the militia choker are a couple of one star i55 craftables that are cheap compared to others. After that if your strapped for cash then any end game dungeons are better to grab items from than crafting but that goes for most gear desynth classes I believe.

For CRP, leveling was easy as I swiped all the housing goods before patch so prices didn’t skyrocket yet. Bloody Lance heads were cheap as well so grab those up and go at it. For profit, look for cheap “manor” items. I desynthed the stools which were going for 10k a piece and sold the wax which was going for 85k a piece. So far 1/2 chance you’ll get it so that’s a plus.

I will confirm that 3 star housing items do generate Field 3. However the rate is terrible, even with super cheap base materials it will still put a much higher cost vs than using relish. It could be argued though due to how jacked the eco is and a lot of fast turn high gil combos are out there now for the 3 star crowd that this option is still worth doing just to save time by throwing economic leverage at it. You are looking at say around 1 field 3 per 15 3 star gsm housing items nuked.

After those two stop being good for you, you might want to get into PvP. You can get i70 Warwolf Blades for 965 Wolf Marks, which isn’t too bad if you enjoy Frontlines. You can also spam Ifrit as a PLD, WAR, MNK, or DRG hoping for the weapons for those classes. There seem to be zero good crafted options for BSM at the i70 level, sadly. Your only crafted options are the i70 weapon parts, which can yield Fieldcraft Demimateria IIIs, but require 9x Coke each.

Soon, once prices stabilize a bit more, I’ll plug the seemingly cheapest desynth items for each type of demimateria into a spreadsheet of mine and get the actual costs on my server. Doesn’t help other servers, but hey, at least it’s some method of comparing the items! We need what, 80x Fieldcraft Demimateria Is for all the new DoL/DoH accessories, plus 110x Fieldcraft Demimateria IIIs for the new tools? So, yeah, I can definitely see finding the cheapest ways to get them to be useful to know.

Ok I’m currently 93 GSM and I’ve been doing the garden ponds and carbuncle chromometers. I can verify that both give out fieldcraft 3’s. Sometimes in bundles of 2. Ive noticed that the Garden Ponds are the best way to go if you are in a pinch and have access to mining and house merchants. The Kobold mart is great for mats as well. Hope this helps and I’ll post a screenshot the next time I do it.

The only sure-fire way to improve your odds is to take more trips


By now you already have a sense of how everything works, and there won’t be any major surprises from here on out. When your airship reaches rank 50, you’ll start to measure your progression in how many sectors you’ve unlocked. Unlocking sectors can take a bit of patience, as you may have already discovered. It is all about luck and perseverance.

When your flagship reaches rank 50, it might be time to change your strategy from maximize exp to maximize chances to unlock new sectors. At present, we don’t know whether any specific stat is important, and it is starting to seem unlikely. The only sure-fire way to improve your odds is to take more trips! You can outfit your flagship with the best rigging you have and consider sending it out on short voyages to only sectors that have a potential to unlock new sectors. Sometimes you might be able to hit more than one sector with potential in a single trip (e.g., a trip from 11-15 to have a chance to unlock both 14 and 19), and other times it might be best to make single-sector voyages.

As you can see, there are two distinct sector chains, one that begins with 11 in the west and another that begins with 10 in the east. It is up to you whether you want to tackle both at once or pick one. The advantage to going east is that you will find a new airship upon reaching sector 18. The advantage to going west isn’t quite clear yet, no one has fully explored it! There is an advantage to making progress on both routes, the sectors closer to the middle are near enough that you can visit a sector from each route in a single voyage, giving you twice the potential to unlock new sectors.

If you plan to eventually use all four airships and have the most flexibility in airship configurations at higher levels, it is still really handy to make each set of parts as they become available. For example, right around when you discover your 2nd airship, you be able to use all four invincible parts making your old bronco parts available for your new ship. This trend will continue for your 3rd and 4th airships.

But if you are happy with just a single airship, you can make steady progress and make very few parts along the way. For sector 17 and beyond you will need at least an Enterprise forecastle, since 90 surveillance is the minimum requirement. However, that seems to be the only minimum requirement that we’ve encountered so far. It may just be possible to discover all 24 sectors with only the original bronco parts and an enterprise forecastle. I’ll be testing this idea, stay tuned!

I can’t confirm 100% but I was in the exact same situation you describe. I had been farming the same route day after day for optimal exp but was not finding any new sectors. I finally decided to try and change up my route to a less-efficient alternative and sure enough I discovered a new sector. I have since been under the impression that certain routes have the possibility of finding certain sectors.

This very same question has occurred to me, and others have reported your same predicament. It is possible that some sectors are only unlocked by visiting a specific sector, and if that is the case, it would be a super handy thing to have in the guide! I’m going to add this to one of the “unsolved mysteries” and hopefully we can get some others to share their observations and shed some light on it.

In the above guide, I proposed that Surveillance influences the probability that you will gather a 2nd item and retrieval influences your extraction rating. The biggest reason for believing this comes from the wording of the flight log. For each node that you encounter in a sector, you get a message reporting the weather conditions followed by the impact on surveillance level and exploratory capability.

FFXIV Heavensward: Ninjutsu Guide (3.3)

You want use Suiton + Trick Attack for Limit Break, as Vulnerability Up debuff give you more damage(not that much but its nice bonus). Only problem is time needed to do all of that and impatient ranged dps who use theirs(mechanists, like example…), so you need watch hp and start it early.

It could be nice for Fuma Shuriken to be weapon skill, as you could use Duality and have pretty strong ranged/physical attack, but its how it is. You can throw daggers if you need ranged attack or use Raiton, so there is no use for Shuriken besides that rare magicproof mobs..

i use fuuma on raids. especially with the amount of ss were getting from gear. i only raiton if foes is played, i used kassatsu OR when its the boss is about to jump and the clip wont matter.

Theres a google doc that calculates your gcd loss based on clipping you have and tells you which mudra is better to use in certain situations. In most cases fuma beats raiton unless foes is present but Im really surprised how the difference is not even mentioned in video.

Is the new patch worth checking out? I main tank so queuing for content takes no time at all and I usually end up getting all the stuff my character needs really quick. I like the dungeons and stuff but the extra “gimmicky” stuff, like crafting or w/e, I could care less about. Is the new patch worth the time-sink?

I’d actually recommend for people to hit Jin first when doing 2-step combos in PvE (since you’ll likely not use much Hyoton) and Chi first for 3-step combos because you’ll likely not use much Doton.

Another nice trick to remember the use of Ninjutsu is to remember the fact that each sign may only be used once, then just remember how many you have to press and which one has to be the last one, since that’s the only one that matters. Huuton for example needs to have Ten (the blue one) as last one and it is a 3-sign Ninjutsu. In what order you do the other 2 doesn’t matter, as long as you execute 3 different mudras with Ten as final one.

Just a tip, I altered my use of the order I use the mudras for Raiton which might be handy for you. Rather than using Ten – > Chi, which is the order you mentioned you use, I use Jin -> Chi, or 3-2 in your case. The reasoning is if a boss jumps or an enemy dies in a dungeon before you can get off that Raiton, if you used Ten first, then you either have to sit on the Raiton you can’t cast, or change it to a Suiton, which is also less useful if there’s nothing to hit. However, if you use Jin first and you find yourself with nothing left to hit, you can at least hit Ten to follow it up and refresh your Huton.

This is a team based game mode


This is a team based game mode, and communication is key. They boast that there will be new macros added, but to what extent will they cover? SE, you need to understand that we, as the players, need to communicate specific things at specific time. Certain people may need to get medals, boxes may be spawning soon and you need to warn your team, you may be out of MP and need a BRD/MCH to assist, you may need to tell your team to get mid, get to base, push forward, fall back. You may need to coordinate with your team to burst down a target while CC’ing another. That target may change during the match. Communication is absolutely crucial in team based PvP, so removing that will make the Solo Queue gaming experience absolutely worse than it is now.

You may think this will put a bar on toxicity, and that players will finally reach a point where they are not flaming each other, but here’s the thing…Censorship does not work in this world. Players will simply send tells after the game to talk ill towards their teammates that messed up or were not skilled. They will make alts on those players realms simply to express their disdain. This is what used to happen in past MMO’s which didn’t have in-match chat during PvP. Even through this censorship, people -will- get flamed, people -will- get told they suck. Taking away the player’s ability to speak in one forum only makes the situation worse, as the emotion they are feeling will build up and carry outside of the match, instead of it being handled in the short match time during the game, and then being wiped clean as the next match comes around.

Keep this “feature” and only apply it to those that are to receive punishment for their toxicity. This way, there is justified punishment for those people, as the previous punishment (permanent bans) is extremely harsh given the context of the situation. The goal would then be for them to realize that communication is key to success, as they will have a difficult time playing in The Feast without being able to communicate with their team.

Chiming in just to state my disapproval as well. I’m sure just about everyone here has lost their temper in chat during Feast but this is doing so much more damage than it heals. The Matchmaking already creates heavily imbalanced games where players with the skill level of a Bronze/Silver rank are being matched as Gold/Platinums… removing any complex way to communicate with your teammates is just going to make the games that much more imbalanced, noncompetitive, and overall unfun.

I entirely disagree with the change – as mentioned chat is crucial… But, although I will get a lot of slack for saying this – I absolutely understand why. PVP is a competetive game and tempers run high… That’s to be expected. What’s not to be expected is the sheer level of toxic attitudes that can arise. I’ve been active in PVP since the beginning pretty much and have seen it all … “Omg ur so bad” “wtf u doing” – things like this can be expected. Things like telling others to die, homophobic slurs, calling people a plethora of mental health diseases – these are NOT ok … But it happens constantly and it has OBLITERATED the community. Wait times are insane, and all of us complain about them, it’s naive to think that this isn’t because of attitudes.

A lot of the top pvp’ers are very toxic, and it’s honestly your fault for this change. This is a game that really strives on the positive community – and some of the stuff I’ve been called in the past has been pretty much shocking (I obviously can’t post it here). Sure, report them – but there’s no reason at all why I or anyone else should be presented with that in the first place.

Macros are SO important in Feast. It’s difficult to be aware of everything that goes on, and be able to react accordingly. Healers can’t macro to indicate that they are stunlocked or need full swing purified off of them. Ranged DPS can’t tell us when their burst is up. My main job, Paladin, is very reliant on CDs and communicating them to my healer, I always tell them remaining time on my Cover and Tetsudo so they can respond appropriately and we don’t accidentally cover and attune at the same time.

FFXIV – How to Machinist: Fake it ’til you make it

The politician analogy is so true. I’m crying with laughter. It all looks really great in action, but only machinist mains know how bullshit it all is. It looks great on a parse, but literally half your overall dps is from cooldowns. How how much of your time is spent actually using potent cooldowns? Very little, and most of it revolves aorund the incredibly rare CD combos possible with wildfire. So most of the time you’re just TRYING to look busy and useful as your overinflated opener DPS floats your parse. Not even people who use ACT can see you’re just a silly wanker.

I tell people BRD is still the more reliable support dps by leagues even with the hypercharge change (foes has far far more uptime. think about that), but everyone is just so impressed by dat burst they think I’m exaggerating.

Merri I love your videos. They always make me smile even when i feel like crap and they are and you are an inspiration. Thank you for all you do. I dont know if you have ever said in any of your other videos. But what do you use to edit and make your videos. Besides the final fantasy 14 game.

Please make these for every class, I just found these and now I can play FFXIV perfectly and now my family and FC will accept me and won’t disown me and leave me with no house, money or car and get Titan to land a salty landslide in me eyes.

I know this isn’t the point of the video, but if you have a degree in Mechanical Engineering, the last thing you’ll be doing in flipping burgers. You’ll be making around 75k a year. Go to school instead, guys. Real life Machinist > FFXIV.

I have a bad habit from FPS games to reload all the time even when I don’t need to. Thanks for the heads up about not having to reload! Super useful stuff here.

I was worried there for a little bit Merri, you scared me when you showed up as an Au Ra in your last shorts video. I thought we had lost you! I’m glad to see you are back to normal! Keep up the good work!

Oddly enough, I followed the same example for Bard, and took Wanderer’s off my hotbar. Who do they think I am… ? A Mage!? I’m a fuckin’ Bard for Christ’s sake. Now I do SO much DPS, that parties always kick me from Thordan EX because they’re so scared I’m just going to outperform their entire Free Company.

FFXIV – Live Letter 33 Announcement & Predictions

I doubt it, mainly because we have Tokyo Fanfest on Christmas. They won’t drop it immediately before or after that, and Dec 13 is too early. Really don’t think they’ll drop it right after new years (and I hope not because that’s MAGFest weekend), so Hap’s guess of 1/10 is likely the earliest we’ll get it.

I think ARF HM is happening just because the second boss text intimates you are being tested as a bio weapon and get approved for mass reproduction for beating the testing machine. Them allagans sure love their clones.

I hate to harp about FFXI since it was never exactly a perfect and balanced game, but damn the summons looked good there! I’ll take any change on SMN, even if it’s a pathetic glamour that does nothing. I always felt like pets should be doing more for a pet class, Garuda’s always just firing away every few seconds…yay. I’m tired of the ugly glowy blocks following me around.

I honestly could have sworn the Famitsu interview outright said new Diadem is essentially a light party raid…I wanted to hear your thoughts on that, but maybe I misinterpreted what was said. I’ll have to go back and read through it again, I suppose.

if they would just make umbrite available for 100 tomes instead of 300, that portion would become so much easier. I wouldn’t even care about additional methods for obtaining them if they just made that small change.

Personally for “Void Ark 3” I’m mostly curious if the “foreshadowed” bosses will be correct. We know the first fight will be on an airship (superexcited for that) but mob-wise I think we’ll see Diabolos, Ferdiad and Shadow Queen Scathach. Diabolos has been a “given” ever since Void Ark 1 and the reappearance of Ferdiad in the cutscene after the defeat of Calofisteri convinced me that we’ll see him as a boss aswell.

If I had to guess I’d say it’ll be Ferdiad on the aforementioned airship (maybe powered up by the presence of his Queen or due to proximity to the “Fortress of Shadows”.) For the 2nd encounter I’d say, if somewhat predictable, that we might be betrayed by Cait Sith. It’d be fun to approach an empty boss area, after which a cutscene plays and boss-form Cait Sith appears. After that it’s Diabolos follwed by the Queen.Really excited to see where they take this one and on which bosses they decide on Wiping City has been kinda fun mechanics-wise, much better than Syrcus ever was, so I’m really hoping for another Ozma-level encounter. Of course Ozma is only difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing but that could be said for almost any encounter in XIV.