It’s a bonus and future recipes/ items are not designed with the idea


So with the new mentoring system out for people who have mastered crafting/gathering and the rise in Diadem gathering parties, anyone think we should have a small bonus as a light/full party of crafters or gatherers with their own party bonus? It could help to mentor someone with a small boost to GP/CP or control/perception etc. Nothing major but would encourage people to party up for things like airship building, fc events, or even tutoring/mentoring new players coming into the world of crafting/gathering. What do you guys think?

Example would be like Miner could give a small percent in perception while fishers give a small increase in GP, etc. On the crafter end maybe 2 or so could give a small increase of control, craftsmanship or CP just like a full/light party of battle classes do currently.

As long as it’s a bonus and future recipes/ items are not designed with the idea that you will definitely have this bonus running, then sure. I’ve always thought of crafting and gathering as sort of solo gameplay, but I could see making it more of a team activity (optionally).

We already have bonuses from FC, which are very nice, but the dev team has thus far not designed content that required that they be up so I can imagine that they could do the same with this, though at some point if there are enough optional bonuses floating around that you could have you eventually have to take them into consideration, otherwise players will be able to craft/ gather items with much lower stats than designed. I don’t think we’d be anywhere near that territory yet, though.

I don’t even get why you replied to this. The only response before yours was a negative reaction, which has more likes even.
We can’t trust that group content for crafting/gathering will ever be good or fun, so far every update for DoL/DoH has been crippling.
Airship content was a dud, a bunch of effort most often done by 1 or 2 people but required an arbitrary Light Party to get any actual progress done, even though most of that party had nothing to do with the work effort.

If crafters had one, it’d be like a liquor break, where you could pretend you’re Gerolt.
Maybe restore a little CP or give Quality a nudge. You could use it to try and salvage those times where Hasty Touch decides it wants to fail 5+ times.

I’d rather not see stat buffs from partying. Make them too small, then they’re trivial and no one would bother partying anyway. Make them too big, then players would see them as a requirement, then it becomes so commonplace that devs have to make it a requirement so as to keep content “challenging.”
The idea of giving smaller crafters a helping hand is interesting, but I feel like that’s what the gear buyable from scrips is for.

PvP in FFXIV suffers from so many issues


PvP in FFXIV suffers from so many issues it’s not even funny.

1.) Population
The one main problem of PvP in this game. People aren’t playing, queue times get larger and large queue times turn off people – that’s a feedback loop. But why are they so large in the first place? For a couple reasons.

2.) Barrier of entry
A short list of things you need to do to be competitive will probably get the point across best:
1. PvP Rank 50 to be on par with PvP abilities
2. iLvL 190+ in every slot, at least somewhat min/maxed in regards to secondaries (Accuracy is a no-no)
3. Cross Class abilities
Before you get this, you’ll be at a tangible, numerical disadvantage. I’m already implying that you need to be 60, because lvl 50 queues scarcely pop. This is in no small part caused by the next point.

3.) Rewards
Frankly, rewards are there to get people who do not enjoy PvPing to PvP anyway to lower queue times, because people who enjoy PvP will PvP anyway. That’s the exact same purpose rewards serve in all other content. You need an incentive, because fun isn’t cutting it. And PvP rewards fail gloriously in that, because the reward to effort ratio is way too small. Lo and behold, the queue times suck.
The ranked rewards in particular are a complete joke. Since they are dependent on current rating, it means that once you qualify for them, you do not want to play anymore, because playing can make you lose them, which every season causes players to “sit it out”. People who come late, aren’t skilled enough or just cannot afford to play that much have no reason to play ranked at all except for the lulz. It’s complete and utter reward mismanagement.

4.) Toxicity
When competition runs high, so do tempers and toxicity is bred. All PvP games suffer from this to some degree due to the high rate of losing and ranked modes always suffer more than casual modes, because there is more on the line. The introduction of ranked was completely counterproductive on this front – toxicity has increased massively from before it was a thing. Some streams can be downright grueling to watch and unfortunately not all of that stays in the room of the streamer. And that again only makes people less inclined to play – it’s one of the most commonly named issues in regards to PvP.

5.) Visibility/Accessibility
PvP doesn’t get introduced until fairly late into the game. I would not be surprised if many people didn’t know PvP was a thing in the first place because they missed the sidequest. It doesn’t add a lot to the lack of players, but at the numbers we’re talking about, every bit counts.

6.) Bad resource usage
In League of Legends, the most renown E-sport title and a primary PvP game, only 10% of the monthly active players are ranked. Out of those, 90% are gold rated or below. PvP as such caters to a minority – ranked caters to a minority of the PvP minority and the top 100 rewards cater to the minority of skilled players that are interested in ranked. Catering to that is a highly inefficient resource usage and considering how few resources PvP has in the first place from being a minority niché, it’s just plain an utter waste.

Honestly? They need to go into the polar opposite direction if PvP is ever supposed to become more than a shadow at the edge of obscurity. But then again, who wants that?

Request : In Stormblood, allow us to gear without tomestones

Many threads have popped these last weeks where people complained about the boring aspect of tome farming. Personally, I’m one of those…

So, what if Stormblood could grant you gear throughout your full progression without ever needing tomestones ?

Nowadays, dungeon gear has pretty much no impact at all when it comes to accessing content. If you wanted to access Gordias in 3.0, you needed almost a full set of upgraded Law. In 3.1, Arboretum and Sirius dropped i185 gear, so this time, you wouldn’t need tome gear to enter Void Ark.
3.2, i195 drops from dungeons, i200 requirement for Midas…and since VA does not drop accessories, you’re back to a bit of tome gear again, and so on and so forth…

What could be interesting in Stormblood is to lessen the ilvl gap between tomes and dungeon gear to cater to two types of players at the same time. You don’t mind doing the same roulette over and over for a 100% reward ? Tome gear is for you.

You like going into a specific instance to gain one particular piece of gear at random ? Dungeons are the way to go.

Everybody wins.
For the record, I’d split the drops between the two dungeons so that you’d have t do both if you want the full set whatever your job is.

What do you think ?

EDIT : Since some people seems to have trouble grasping exactly what tome gear I refer too, I’ll clarify it here. The idea is that EX dungeons would drop gear the same ilvl as uncapped tome gear. i.e Neverreap/Fractal would have dropped i170, Antitower/City, i200, Xelphatol/Gubal, i230. The goal is not to easily gain more powerful items, but just having another way of unlocking normal raid (So, i170 for Gordias, 200 for Midas, etc…), without having to farm tomestones, which can be boring. And, of course, the tome system would remain, so that you’re not forced to rely on RNG drop. I don’t really know where to put odd-patches EX dungeons, though…

Some probably last-minute feedback on Palace of the Dead

I suspect the plans are already drawn out for floors 51-100, mobs, traps, rewards and such. However, after finally finishing an on-and-off solo run, I’d really like to make some suggestions that I can only hope will make for a different experience on the next 50 floors.
To me, Palace of the Dead doesn’t make sense as a name. At this point it’s more Palace of the “A landmine has been triggered…”. I’d love to see less RNG-based traps and more interactive traps. Things like floor spikes and flamethrowers and arrow traps. More classic dungeon-delving traps. Maybe even implement the same floor trap concept but make them triggers instead. As it is, running over the 8000th landmine as you go to pull a mob is more obnoxious than threatening.

I was mildly curious about the Accursed Hoard, until the 3.45 stuff was removed and we were left with: magicked prisms, glamour, minions, materia, and the hairstyle. These things seemed more fitting as Aquapolis rewards. Given that these things are locked with such a dangerous seal that we have to get a bishop to break it, I’m baffled that someone would go to such trouble over SWIMWEAR. What about green dungeon gear, tiered by the floor dig it up on? Or maybe an item that augments your Palace weapon and/or armor? I can’t think of any other ideas, but things that would be more useful as Accursed Hoard prizes would be nice.

What other feedback could be added? I know since Palace came out it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. To me the first 50 floors were a good start to an interesting experience, but I’m afraid that making the next 50 floors more of the same “but harder” would be a missed opportunity to make some interesting additions to one of my favorite content additions.

I would like to stress that while this content may not be everyone’s cup of tea, please try to offer feedback that explains WHY or WHAT you like/dislike about it or would like to see added. I might be crazy, but I’d love for a community team member to pass some ideas along to the dev team.

some ffxiv players just want to be sylphie

I’m saying that the only mechanic that necessitates healers is: Unavoidable damage.

And the only mechanic that necessitates a tank is: A large amount of unavoidable damage at a single person.

Consider A11 where the currently closest target in range is being attacked by an autoattack that just barely does more than you can self-sustain. All the mechanics are still in place and still do lots of damage if not done correctly but zero otherwise. What does that lead to? The only method to beat him is to do the mechanics of the fight correctly (Hide, dodge, activate, burn etc). All the strategy involved is precisely what you currently are supposed to do anyway, except that the “tank” regularly needs to be swapped by another DPS stepping closer to him.

Is any teamwork lost in the process? I argue no – to me, teamwork is human to human coordination (Such as the “don’t get close” part of the judgement Nisi mechanic), not machine to human coordination (such as focus healing a tank buster/prey target). You don’t even need to forego things such as positionals or synergy effects via disembowel. Healers and tanks only add unavoidable damage to the boss mechanic roster. And that’s for a simple reason, too:
The only resource that matters is HP. The only way to reduce that resource is damage. The winning condition of a fight is to reduce the enemies HP before your own runs dry. Not just in this game – shooters, fighting games and many more work on the same principle. Healers add nothing to this system except increasing your own HP by their own mana pool times conversion rate. Tanks add nothing to this system except increasing the effective HP by reducing the incoming damage. Both exist solely to increase the HP pool the boss needs to deplete and in turn, they only add more damage to the boss to bring the equation back into balance. And unavoidable damage at that because otherwise good players would be inclined to just replace them with more DPS. That is all tanks and healers add to a game.

There also, naturally, is the satisfaction of different fantasies – some players just want to be sylphie, or that stalwart, impenetrable wall etc. But gameplay wise, healers and tanks add a lot less to a game than people give them credit for.

Does FFXIV *Really* Want A New Non-Viera Race?

I often see many threads about Viera. So many that it can be annoying sometimes.. They always get shot down in the end or a debate forms that holds the thread for 20+ pages. So it’s a sensitive topic..

The ones who disagree always say things along the lines of: “We don’t need another Hyur with animal parts”, ” We don’t need another cute race”, “(something that involves weebs and/or furries)”.

Suggestions end up as: “I want a full body bestial race.”, “Bangaa”(what are Bangaa btw? xD), “A dwarf race”, “A serious, rough looking race” “Something that looks deadly”
Now let’s think about this.. And why all of those choices all probably bad and why Yoshida probably won’t do it.
We have our rough races in this game.. the non-cute ones. Roegadyn, Highlander, and maybe even Elezen. And they are also the least played races in the entire game(except male Highlanders. They seem to be frequent). Those are the races that aren’t played because they are “ugly” or “too rough”.

Miqo’te, Midlander, and Au Ra are so successful as races simply BECAUSE they are cute. Which is obviously what people love. Make a “Favorite Race” poll and I’ll bet… a trillion dollars Miqo’te will win! Why? Cute = Best. And don’t come in here with “Guys dressing up catgirls” because it’s just false stuff. Keep it out please. Women like cute too. And I happen to play Miqo’te.
Anyway, you have all the polls asking “What should the next race be!?”. If Viera is on it, it wins. Every time. It just does.

Now think of it from a Yoshi point of view..

Member: Hey boss what should we make as a race?

Yoshi: Okay let’s see here.. I *could* make a bestial-type race.. One that isn’t cute.. But we have Roegadyn which did terrible as a race while Miqo’te and Au Ra are thriving! It was a very good decision to make them cute! They are very successful as a race because of it. Statistics show.

Member: There’s a poll of what people want as a race. Viera is winning by 40% but the thread is filled with people saying don’t bring it O.o

Yoshi: Ignore them. They are the minority. Look at the numbers, it’s obvious what FFXIV as a whole, wants. We need to appeal to the majority for maximum profit instead of catering to the minority on the forums..
I think it’s seen that way and in a way it does make sense though. Why make an “ugly” race when the predecessors did so bad? From a business perspective.. A new race like that are Flavor of The Month then die. While Au Ra still thrive. You can say they are a bad/failed/lazy race but no matter what, they are a soaring success.

That said, I don’t even care about Viera

mogffxiv – Guardian Codex announced for mobile devices

Square Enix has revealed a brand-new mobile title ahead of Tokyo Game Show called Guadian Codex. The game is due out worldwide this Fall as a free-to-play title for both iOS and Android platforms.

Pre-registration for Guardian Codex has already opened here. By “liking” the game’s Facebook page or following the official Twitter account during pre-registration, you’ll receive up to 6,0000 Codex Credits as a bonus.

Here’s the full story details:

Enter the virtual world of the Codex…

In the year 2030, the world is split between the Empire and the Resistance.

Outmatched by the Empire, the Resistance has nowhere to turn except to send their agents into the “Codex,” a virtual reality version of the world from ancient times. As one of their agents, you are sent into the Codex with a vital mission: find the extinct legendary “Guardians.”

The Resistance’s goal is to transfer the virtual Guardians into the real world and use them to defeat the Empire. But your journey isn’t as easy as it sounds. Immerse yourself in the world of the Codex to better understand the Guardians and help the Resistance!

You can check out the official website here, along with some screenshots in the gallery below.

Our lines need a Bard or a Machinist!

Eorzeans ! People of Ragnarok !

Our lines have once again been foully deserted! This is why today we are coming to you, hoping to find a new loyal, courageous and risk-taking companion!

We are looking for a BRD or a MCH. Of course, we are looking for a player who masters her or his job, and above all someone who knows what patience and perseverance are. The word “elitist” should be avoided and stay somewhere in your genome as an anomaly.

We do not mind about mistakes, accepting them lead to better advancement. You that I feel hesitating, withdraw your fingers from your nose and do not worry, we will not lynch you if you stupidly die. We will of course expect the same from you.

We are an international static as we are German, French, Turkish and British players who are leading fantastic adventures.

What are the achievements of our static?
For now, we killed A5S but one of our members (our MT DRK) didn’t get the kill because he was absent the evening we killed it (too bad). Ideally you already know very well (even perfectly) the A5S fight, but we can still train you on it so that everyone is at the same level. We killed all primals for the major part of us.

We are usually running on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:00 to 10:00 (server hour). We are what we call a “social” static, so our runs can be modified and adapt to everyone’s needs. We will not mind if you are absent one day or you are a bit late because of an event happening IRL (in that case we have a Facebook page for our static where everyone says if he can or cannot come on that day).

Our current group is a mix of audacious and motivated players. We are putting emphasis on the human sides of the game, but we also like to achieve high goals in the HL world of Eorzea. Our static works through a LS, then no worry you will not have to leave your FC.

Are you interested to come along with us? Then come to us, send us a message or contact us directly in Eorzea:
– Shezam Denver, Hysteria Jaggerjack, Eulalie Wanzer.

Need advice for clearing Nidhogg EX

My FC and I have been to Nidhogg EX a few times (spent 3 hours so far), but have yet to clear it.

The current situation is:
1.) One or two people always die to cauterize.
2.) We sometimes wipe at add phase due to low DPS, people hit by Were Dragon, especially his fireball attack.
3.) Always wipe at Claw / Fang phase.
We have only cleared the Claw / Fang phase once, but then wiped at tower phase because tanks went to the wrong towers.

Basically, I need advice on how to clear that Fang / Claw phase first.
From what I can tell, the reason for our defeat is:
1.) Blue orb players stand too far south / north and are near spawning orbs.
2.) Blue orb players don’t move when an orb is near them, and get caught in splash damage.
3.) No red player goes to the north to grab orbs which spawn there.
4.) Only 1 or 2 red players go to the center to absorb the shared damage. When only 1 is there, they die.

I am a healer, so I am either red or have no tether. If I have no tether, I not only heal, but Stoneskin blue players. If I have tether, it’s hard to find time to Stoneskin.

Anyway, here is what I think we need to do, but I am not sure if this is correct. Please advise.
1.) Orbs don’t seem to the spawn on the far right side. Blue players should stand to the right side to avoid spawning orbs. Only 1 moves to the center to share damage.
2.) At least 1 red player needs to be up north to grab orbs which spawn there.
3.) As as soon as red player pops an orb, they should move to the center to share damage from a blue player with marker.

The Claw always dies, but the Fang always has HP remaining.
I gave this advice to the FC, but no one seemed to follow it. Is this bad advice? What are we doing wrong?

I think the DPS “should” be enough. Or, blue players are just getting hit by the orbs. How can they avoid the orb better? Is going to the far right a good idea? Or bad idea?

mogffxiv – Podcast: Final Fantasy XIV Is The Best Final Fantasy In Years

Kirk’s off this week, so today on Kotaku Splitscreen I’m joined by Mike Fahey to talk Final Fantasy XIV, 7th Dragon III Code VFD, and fanservice games. Also: the story of why he wasn’t allowed to go to the Tokyo Game Show.

Originally posted on 7/14/2016.

Seriously, guys, if you’re into JRPGs and have the time/money, Final Fantasy XIV is well worth it. Earlier this week I finished up the last of the post-main story stuff and it gets really, really good. From what I hear, Heavensward’s story is even better, so I’m pretty stoked for that too.


You can listen to today’s episode on iTunes or Google Play, or get it directly on Simplecast right here. (MP3 download here.) As always, you can reach us at with all questions, comments, and wonderful anime fan-art.