FFXIV Class Concept: Dancer

Hello everyone. I’m here to share with you a concept I’ve been thinking about a lot, so I hope you’ll like it. (This goes double for Yoshie-P and co.)

Yes, so dancer. For a long time I didn’t like the idea of a dancer class, but something in me changed and I’m thinking more and more about how cool it would be. So assuming the dancer outfits shown in the last Live Letter were just for glamour and Yoshie-P isn’t hiding something major from us, here is my idea.

Traditionally the dancer was either a debuff oriented DPS class or a healer. Sometimes both a bit. Problem is, what XIV desperately needs are more tank. Even as a healer you might wait a long time for a tank to pop. Unfortunately dancers can’t be tanks.
Or can they? In Final Fantasy XIV Ninjas tanked a lot, despite the development team not designing them to be able to do that. Still, a lot of parries and evasions transformed the ninja from assassin to a tank. In theory a dancer could do the same with the right moves.

Long story short, I think it is time to bring in the first class that can potentially fill all 3 roles with different stances. It would help the game a lot if it could que as a tank for dungeons but otherwise the dancer would have a stance for each role that would buff either maximum hp, hp regeneration and enmity or mp regeneration spell based healing and so on. Additionally these stances could give bonus effects to some abilities and enable some of the finishing moves exlusive to that stance (more on that later).

Now to the hardest part. How to make the dancer feal like a dancer. Making it a mage with different casting animations would do the class a disservice and we can’t make the dancer gameplay automatized as that would be boring. My solution:
Dances will be instant abilities that grant status effects. It will be these status effects that enable dancer’s to use most of their abilities. Some dances will last longer others will be shorter but give additional stat boosts. While the dances are active you will execute dance moves, to heal, tank or dps. Some are instant, some have a cast time and others are chanelled movements so you’ll have to think carefully how to use your time. Using one move places a debuff on you that prevents you from using that ability immediately a second time. Additionally each movement will grant you a stack of something I couldn’t find the right name for yet. After the dance status effect expired you will be able to execute finalees or finishing moves that consume these stacks and will be more powerful the more stacks they consumed. Acitvating another dance removes the stacks.

When thinking of ability names the first ones to come to my mind were Dancing Mad and Vamo Alla Flamenco so I decided to look for Final Fantasy song names that could be good ability names. The ones I found so far are:

Eyes on me (increases enmity)
Withouth Shadow (increases evasion)
Blinded by light (inflicts blind)
Under the Weight (inflicts heavy)

Dancers traditionally wield daggers, but I’m a great fan of the idea to give them fans to fight with. They could still get a dagger as an offhand weapon.
Incidentally fighting with fans was a real thing in feudal japan. It was called Tessenjutsu. Fans were/are excellent for parrying spears

The dance trainer would be located in the Gold Saucer. Godbert Manderville is hosting a dance tournament. Everyone is thrilled, but one team is worried. Their star dancer is missing. You volunteer to search for him and indeed find the poor guy who was beaten up by a rival team. With a broken leg he can’t participate. All seems lost but when you show the other members your sweet moves (the harvest dance, the ball dance and the step dance) they decide that you have potential and agree to train you to be ready in time for the competition. Of course the rivals might resort to cheating again. They may do nasty things like kidnap someone from the team to force you into losing.

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