FFXIV Astrologian

Hey all! I’m happy to announce that I have officially made it to Ishgard. But the last Story Quest leading me there was just…wow, it was certainly intense. I felt everything that was going on, and freaking out during the cutscenes. I don’t see how my character is gonna find a way out of this situation, but so many questions running in my head right now. Will I be found innocent? Is my crew still alive? Do I ever return to go after those who wronged me after my faithful service to the realm? WHY URIANGER? You were one of my favorite characters. Really looking forward to playing through Heavensward to hopefully get answers to these questions. Alas my game time expires in a few days so I won’t be able to make it far in the Story.

On a side note, I’ve unlocked the Machinist, Astrologian and Dark Knight. I tried each of them out and so far here’s my thoughts on them:

Machinist: Like the idea of using guns to attack, but seems kinda slow and doesn’t seem to deal a lot of damage, which is a problem in Dungeons. But it might be due to my current gear so once I’m able to get more gear then it’ll probably improve.

Astrologian: I’ve never healed in any MMO since its too much responsibility for me to handle, but I like the card system. Down side is it’s a bit confusing since I don’t know when start using the Draw system and if the effects of each card has an area of effect for my party of if I need to target each party member tog rant them the benefits.

Dark Knight: Like with Astrologian, never Tanked in an MMO, but I really did enjoy testing this Class out. Attacks are nice and flashy and if I were to Tank, I prefer swords over axes (looking at you Marauder). After testing DK on some test dummies I think I have my skills set in the order I wanna use them so all that’s left is to hop in a Dungeon and hope for the best.

Machinist: You’re still low level still, need to get to 60 and get all the abilities (most DPS classes don’t show their true potential till level cap). I personally don’t like MCH in dungeons because it’s best ability (Wildfire) is wasted on trash mobs because they die too fast. They feel more powerful on boss fights.

Astrologian: Use cards as often as you can, all cards are single target but Attack Speed and Recast can be made to AOE at Lv 35 with Royal Road. You don’t need to give cards to every party member you give it to the most appropriate person, if it happens to be just one person then that’s just the luck of the draw.

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