FFXIV and Controller/Gamepad Intermittent Loss of Control Issues

There is a thread in the “Resolved” section which mentions this issue, yet no resolution was actually ever found. http://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv/threads/109625-Controller-becoming-unresponsive-periodically/page7

The problem is that in some Windows 7 machines (at least that’s what I’m running) periodically the gamepad/controller will lose control in FFXIV, meaning movement will continue as if the analog stick is being held, or a button press will be repeated a billion times, etc. This happens because Windows 7 is refreshing its Device Manager, for some reason, be it a bad device, or something else.

Interestingly enough, NO OTHER GAME LOSES ACCESS TO THE GAMEPAD WHEN THIS IS HAPPENING. So this is a FFXIV issue, not a Device Manager issue. It is something that needs to be fixed BY SQUARE ENIX and not by Microsoft.

So far in troubleshooting this issue I have thrown over $150 away in buying new controllers/adapters, all to no avail. FFXIV continues to exhibit this bug over and over and no matter what settings I edit or what attempts I make to fix this issue, the game does not function as advertised (i.e. if they’re going to claim this is a Windows 7 problem, then they cannot simultaneously claim compatibility with Windows 7).

I’m very close to just stepping away from the game entirely, as many others who have had this issue have done. SQE’s negligence in this matter is a big F-U to people who spent their money to support their game. You try running TITAN EX with your character randomly autorunning every few minutes, and tell me how that goes.

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