FFXIV – All “Summons” & Signature moves

Yeah, I agree on the prestige part. Also just an overall love/respect of the game regardless. If the game goes down in flames, the makers are more likely to just jump ship. Still though, just that ending video. All that love that went into destroying everything was amazing.

Yes, they do require faith in order to originally manifest. However, from what I gathered in the story, those that are considered Eikons don’t actually need a consistent stream of it to maintain their existence. They still need to consume Aether of course, but apart from that, they’re capable of sustaining their own existences. It’s just that the more faith they get, the more powerful they are. And like you said, Odin’s capable of keeping himself alive with one host body simply because Zantetsuken is the true form.

I agree, that was the job I was looking forward to most but with the summons looking like just a small ball of light and being to easy to obtain its just so uninteresting compared to summoner from final fantasy 11. If only they at least didn’t also butcher dark knight by making him a tank instead of dps/sigh.

Would only use Ascalon for Thordan as Thordan and his knights represent only 1 summon known as Knights of the Round Also signature move of Cruise Chaser would mre be the QTE than the Eternal Darkness.

The author lists “exceptions” in the description, which are the ones that aren’t primals but are still based on summons from previous games, such as Fenrir and Siren. A11 is not among those listed, despite it not being a Primal. Thus, it should be added to the exception list.

It’s rather funny that the first time I saw Diablos was in FF8 and even now his design from then is virtually unchanged hell even his ultimate is the same as it was in FF8, also Bahamut been drinking too much look at that chest! Oh yeah are Siren and Garuda related they look very similar.

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