FFXIV 3.0 Patch Launch Predictions

So, here’s a fun idea: Predictions and inevitabilities due for the first few weeks of 3.0

Please keep in mind that, unless I give a time indication, I anticipate all of this happening simultaneously.
Also please post your own! Let’s make this fun…ish 😛
1) Server congestion: The servers WILL be flooded to hell, no matter what SE does.
2) Forum complaints about everything else on this list: Goes without saying.
2a) “Requests” for more of something
2b) “Requests” for less of the same thing (I’m cheating here since this’ll happen anyway)
3) People playing DRK and expecting to be DPS
4) Players leaving groups if they see DRKs because of #3
5) LOLDRG stigma will have the last letter changed.
6) AST played as DPS
7) AST not doing DPS
8) MCH is the new BRD
9) MCH DPS is too high and HERE’S PROOF!
10) MCH DPS is too low and HERE’S PROOF!
11) One job, or all three, will be “too powerful” or “underpowered.”
12) New abilities will make X class the new flavor of the month, while Y class becomes underpowered.
13) iLevels will go up, but too fast for some and not fast enough for others.
14) Some will finish everything in 2 weeks, and complain about nothing to do.
15) Alexander will be too easy
16) Alexander will be too hard. At the same time.
17) Players will call for a “rollback to pre-3.0” within 2 weeks of the expansion’s launch, and will continue this call until they ultimately quit the game.
18) Players who don’t buy the expansion will complain about having nothing to do.
19) Au Ra invasion, followed by a sudden spike in Fantasia sales.
20) Each “run” of Alexander will be conquered within three days of launch.
21) Someone will hit lvl 60 within 8 hours of the expansion’s launch.
22) A lvl 60 AST, MCH, and DRK will be present for each server before the early start period is over.

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