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Hey Guys,

After a few times contacting the In Game Support team for various issues, I finally had a direct interaction with them within the game and felt that this would be as good a time as any to give a review of my overall experience with the Support team and In Game Support overall. If this is the wrong section, please feel free to move my post or ask me to repost in the correct areas.

So, I’ve contacted the ingame support team several times now and for several different issues. This ranges mostly from reporting gil-spamming to issues with certain functionalities within the game. After each of these reports (not counting the endless gil spam reports) I would receive what seemed to be a copypasta message. One report I actually tried to respond to only to receive the exact same message pasted back to me a second time. This left a rather sour taste in my mouth and after my most recent support ticket, I gave a response that essentially doubted the existence of a human GM team. This, of course, elicited a response from a very respectful GM who was doing everything that he could to try to be of help. Of course, my initial concern was a moot point by this time, so I thanked him for contacting me and ended the conversation after just a few moments.

After considering my GM contact experiences as a whole and comparing them to contact with other companies and concerning other games in the past I came to a conclusion as to why my experience had come out the way it did. I compared which parts of my experience were positive and which were negative, and that largely boiled down to the question ‘when did I get prompt responses that felt human and when did I get responses days later that felt automated’. My biggest negative in dealing with the support team really is that it took me getting upset to the point that I actually doubted their existence to actually DEAL with the support team.

Now, we all know that there’s only so many people that are qualified to properly handle client issues, especially once those issues become escalated, but perhaps it would do well to consider adding a sort of ‘front line defense’ team that would screen client issues and forward significant or escalated issues to the current GM team (who would become a High Tier GM of sorts, I’ll leave the fancy names to you guys). A more rapid GM response, even if it was only to tell me that you couldn’t help me, would have made me a much happier camper than I was, and I feel like anybody in game that gets constantly accosted by gil spam tactics wouldn’t mind some extra hands on board even if their ability to act was relatively limited (perhaps give them the ability to freeze accounts temporarily while the GM team investigated.)

Anyways, those are my thoughts, hope they are helpful!
Khloe Zhwan
– Ultros Server

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