Feedback: 3.0 Little Quality of life Changes

I should have re-named the title to something like, “Feedback: Bugs, tooltip errors, quality of life changes.”

So from playing 3.0, I’ve noticed some things and wonder if anybody else could help expand and add, for example:

High-Cordial potions are pink, resembling hi-potions. They should follow suit with Cordials which are orange.
The three new WHM abilities (Asylum, Assize, Aero III) look far too similar – Aero III’s icon should resemble and be in the same theme as Aero and Aero II, having the same shade of green. They’re too similar that I’ve accidentally used one of the other skill thinking it was Aero III.

Dark Knight’s ability, “Sole Survivor” is worded in such a way that makes it sound like you can apply it to a party member – you cannot. It works as Mercy Stroke.
The number of quests on the map, and the quest icons are far too big: they cover other quest icons, and you cannot tell or see an NPC who has two quests unless you talk to them. Change Quest icons to either look concise, smaller, and neater, or in such a way that lets you see multiple quests so you don’t need to talk to the NPC.

Bards have a bug where they can’t do any skills despite not being stunned or paralyse – the glitch is due to Bloodletter or Rain of Death: until they come off cooldown you may not be able to attack.
Please allow us a graphics option to ‘tone-down flashiness’ of new 3.0 skills, or even the skills before that. It is a cluster of attacks and makes it nearly impossible to see things when attacking mobs. There is an option to turn-them off, but means you cannot see useful skills such as Sacred Soil or Asylum.

(My not-really 3.0 stuff but QoL changes I wanted to voice)

In 24-man, if Sacred Soils are cast by people outside of your Alliance, you only have the buff that shows which ones were made by your Party’s SCH – please allow subtle change that allows us to see a Sacred Soil belongs to the Party’s caster (subtly light green, or anything) so we know which one to run into.

The quest log really needs to change: when you have un-checked a quest, it still shows the quests you are close to completing which makes it cluttered. If this is something I can actually change in the configurtation, please let me know.

Please allow the ability to let us flip UI elements similar to how the Duty Finder/Quest List can flip if you place it left or right, for example flipping the Party List Window so players’ buffs show on the left-side instead of the right. The inability to do so makes it so that you cannot place the Party Window on the left side because buffs (even though the max that shows is 5) will go across the screen.

Upon log-in, the chat bar which I place in the bottom left always lifts up two ilms for no inexplicable reason no matter what. I just want to know why it does that.

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