Excluse male beastman race for next expansion after ffxiv Heavensward?

Yes, what I’m asking for is a an male exclusive beastmen race. I’ll be laying out the reasons why, how it’ll work, etc. I will also be doing it a manner that will cause unruly people to randomly derail the thread. Why? Because I’m not going to restrict myself on saying silly things when I’m not blowing it out of proportion (I wish this was the case; but, I can’t help but have fun with the miqo’te girl and imagery I pushed with her) Anyway, *cracks knuckles* lets start.

Just before we start I must introduce my opposition.

The questions I’ll be answering is:

1.How will procreation work without a female counterpart?
2.Why do you only want it to be male?
3.What about their muzzles/snouts/feet!?! That means new armor!
4.What about a female; what would you add for them?
5.Resources should only be used on what is popular!
6.What do they add?

Pretty much. I mostly did it out of fun. Otherwise; I asked it to be male exclusive as we know the player base wishes for female humanoid like creatures. This isn’t only for this fan base; however, you see it amongst all other games. It’s why I mentioned WoW, where you see plenty of male tauren, orcs, etc. However; you rarely see a female counterpart of those races. I do like letting emotions run wild, it is a thrill. I mostly made my counterpart out of humour to myself, in which, I knew wouldn’t be funny to anyone else. That’s why I said it in the OP.

It is actually strawman; from what I read from the description. However, it is the arguments basically played out by most people I’ve read from the forums. It isn’t popular! It’s to ugly! We’d have to adjust all the armor! Etc. I asked for male exclusive character due to everyone wanting something akin to Viera. I’ll continue to adresss what people said in this post….Continuing onward!

I don’t want to play as something like a Roegaydn! That’s the point. I’ve always been the beastmen sort within’ a video game. Tauren/Pandaren in WoW. Qunari from Dragon age inquisition. I love playing things away from humans and trust me. Roe aren’t satisfying this urge. Honestly, the beastmen race can be the size of Au’ra and I’d still be satisfied. Heck, the OP HAS a picture of them. Funny enough, I never picked up this game at first because I was like, “Anime cute girls, with twinkish boys and oversized buff men. Hrrrmmmmm….Nothing interesting /ignore.” I’m new to this game, and I only ended falling in love with it once I first picked up the game and actually played it. I could go on a list; but, that isn’t the point. Also it ain’t Bara unless it has some body hair *winks* I’m still personally conflicted on changing my Roe into Au’ra due to the fact I can make my Au’ra look somewhat demonic in appearance. Get the horn armor and planned on running around with 4 horns!

I don’t personally care if they add Ronso or not, as long as it is basically a cool beastmen race to play. I personally love the look of Ronso, so I simply played out their appearance. If I liked a different race I’d use them instead. I wish they separated the Au’ra clans, and made one similar to the old concept art well having the humanoid counterpart. The thing with Ronso; however, is that they can’t water it down because we’d have Miqo’te 2.0. A female counterpart wouldn’t hurt tbh

Awwww, but it is so much fun. Though, besides the point it was to ask in making a male exclusive beastmen race cause I’m afraid the race would be diluted into making a humanoid male with features so it satisfies the majority with humans with [insert feature here]. I don’t hate those races at all; all I ask is for something different for next expansion.

Actually, that’s what inspired me to write this. I thought it’d be awesome to use similar methods for a new male and female race so both crowds get what they want next expansion. Though using crystals to summon as a form of reincarnation seems pretty interesting.

Ouch, you found me out so early! lol They should have kepted the tails *grumble grumble* I honestly used Miqo’te female because most arguments came from them. I don’t know why since the thread wasn’t about removing Au’ra.
1.How will procreation work?
“Pssh, you know Square Enix wouldn’t allow male pregnacy ingame right. That’d cause a lot of political problems!” I may swing that way, but that’s not what I’m talking about. If you followed the main storyline I’m sure you’ve heard the explanation of how to kill Ascians, correct?

If you haven’t, let me explain how life works:

1.Basically for your character once they die they go back into the aetherical flow; in which, will cause life to go into another (pregnancy) to be born again into the world.

2.Primals work similarly; however, once they die they don’t leave a physical body. Awaiting to be summoned again through the use of crystals and worship. Their strength relies on the amount of crystals gathered when summoned.

a. Talking about primals. We know Shiva was once a human/elf whom layed with dragons. Meaning that it is possible for a humanoid such as your character to channel primal like powers into another such as Iceheart, once they’ve stopped in their existence.

“Sheez, I know that. Duh! Why is it important, big shot?”

It’s important due to the fact the beastmen are going to work similarity through a combination of basic life on the planet and how primals work.

These beastmen will be using crystals to summon the ones who died. When this beastmen race dies, he’ll go back into the aetherical flow in which to be summoned through the use of crystals. He’ll use less crystals and people to summon (Only requiring two people to chant. Usually the two determined to raise the child), and his attributes and outer appearance determined by the color of the crystals. Green fur/scales will determined if he was summoned using wind crystals. Red/blue fur/scales through the use of a combination of water and fire crystals. The eye color will be determined by the “parents” the two people who summoned him, with possible side features depending on what the race has (A Ronso it would be the length and shade of his horn). It’s practically reincarnation, except always returning as the same race.
2) Why only male? I want female counterpart!

Well, I would like it too. Howev- “Excuse me, but who would play as an ugly fat female beastmen gal!?! Like, that is so disgusting! Are you some weird furry or something? Not only that, but you don’t see any orc/tauren females on WoW for a reason. There is a reason why blood elf females are mostly played on horde!” *The miqo’te brushes her pigtails back, smirking with a smug filled glee* “If it ain’t popular, it ain’t being made.”

Excuse me; but do you mind not interrupting me? “Hmph.” Sadly, as Imacute GirlXxX has mentioned is that female who are beast-like and tough aren’t played as much as cute girls like miqo’te, Hyru, and as we all now see, Au’ra. Not only that; however, I fear the developers will dilute the beast male counterpart in order to cater to the miqo’te crowd as they make up the majority. Since they wouldn’t want to make the girls look like a separate race causing major sexual dimorphism, they’ll make the males look human in appearance also.

“Too bad, that’s what we want and what you’re going to get! Cute girls and cool boys.” *The miqo’te girl shifts the weight of her hips to one side, her arm bent, hand laying on the side sticking out.” …I hope not; but, that’s dependant on the developers.
3) What about their muzzles/snouts/feet!?! That means new armor!

“You know how much trouble the developers would have in creating all NEW assets for each and every piece of armor, right?”That’s quite a well thought out argument, but this is easily avoidable using small muzzles, as well as, adjusting the feet to be as similar to humans (I don’t remember the term for it, sadly). I’ll use Ronso as an example. You notice I use them a lot. Not like I’m bias towards them, and would think it is badass to play as them. *hint hint, nudge nudge, wink wink* lol They have small muzzles wouldn’t use giant adjustments to helmets, and if you fix their feet they’d work quite well. The horns would only need to be like Au’ra’s horns and stick out of armor. Not only that; but with creativity, they could make a unique race without a muzzle. As we seen with their previous Dragon_Race males.

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