Eorzea’s Next Top FFXIV Model

Welcome back, everyone! The Cosplay round was once again a huge success with some fantastic work from all of our models! Unfortunately we had to say farewell to three – so it’s goodbye to Aeon, Arrelaine and Kaya. We hope to see you continue to take part!

So, it’s on to round three! During the course of A Realm Reborn, we got to know the various beast tribes much better through the course of their various quests – so Round 3 challenged the models to take a shot in one of their camps! The requirement was that it HAD to be in the area where you receive quests from one of the beast tribes.

So, here we go! Voting is the same as before, order the models according to your preference. This week we’re losing two!

This week’s were rather well done, but I feel there were some hits and misses. All amazing shots! Though I’m not sure if all really fit the theme all too well. Didn’t really hate any shot, but some stuck out more than others this week for me personally. Just some small insights from me, nothing bad I assure you.
Brun Hilda – GURL… You nailed it this week! It’s so well thought out and sooooo goood! Truly sticking to the Kobold’s aesthetic, I’m loving it! Great use of the mount that actually comes from the Kobolds themselves! Love you picked the Kobold NPC that has all the tiny bombs surrounding him, really great choice! Background is a lil plain, but meh. Lighting is spot on, can easily and clearly see your character. Ok choice for glamors as well. I’m just so in love with your shot this week, GREAT JOB! <3 <3.
Stephen Fairbrook – Rather nice shot this week! So many things made me happy in this shot, first.. IXALI! <3 I love them guys sooo much! My fave beastmen tribe atm, secondly night time shot! <3, and thirdly natural lighting!!! I love when that can be pulled off ^.^ Love your posing and framing, great use of NPCs as well, just wish you were zoomed in just a smidge. Otherwise just really happy with everything! Keep up the fabulous work! <3
Nozomi Kei – Wow! Just amazing truly amazing! I really love the work and improvement you’ve made since your first shot! You really captured the essence of the Amalj’aa soo well! Brotherhood, that’s what it is all about, and I’m loving it! Yay more night time shots! And natural lighting! <3 Only thing I’d haveta say about this shot otherwise, is I wish you had some blue on you to match up with the Amalj’aa a lil more!, but other than that just love’in it sooo freaking much! Keep up the amazing work! So strong!
Epsil Ion – Another Amalj’aa shot >:3 Really nice use of glamors here, and I love the background and usage of NPCs, I just wish your daggers weren’t blocking so much of your face though ; ; Also good use of lighting as well! Really pleased with your shot this week.
Hopelle Losstoam – More Amalj’aa!!!(yes I am using this word a lot, I finally learned how to spell it tonight lol) I really love this shot a lot! Definitely brings the sense of brotherhood that the Amalj’aa are best known for, I love the night, the lighting! I’m not too crazy about your top, but it still works and is blue to it kinda coordinates with the Amalj’aa. I just wish you were zoomed in a lil’ more, ofc zooming in might not have the same effect of your overall shot! It’s still a wonderful shot! Great work this week ^.^
Tinsley Tr’uhart – Really beautiful shot this week, I’m really loving it! But… idk.. something feels slightly off to me? Maybe the lighting, or that it’s a back shot, I feel like it’s all there as one shot, but there is one component that just doesn’t fit too well. Maybe if you were a lil closer to the NPC’s or interacting with them, it might give off a more complete vibe/look. Such beautiful framing work though, and I love the evening shot (can you guys tell I love night shots? haha…)
Katarh Mest – YaY! More Ixali! <3 I’m really feeling this shot a lot! You have this “Can Do!” attitude about you, which is what the Ixali there are all about when it comes to getting back up to the heavens! Really looks like you’re ready to work and work hard! Help them Ixali! I just wish you were actually closer to the Ixal in your background(if that’s possible), and maybe tilted at somewhat of an angle, your background is kind of flat, but I know working with that particular campsite can get tricky XD. It’s still a really great shot overall! Good Job! ^.^b
Sunny Day – This is such a beautiful shot! It would have wowed and amazed anyone looking at it, though… I really couldn’t tell right off the bat that you were in any particular place, especially near a beastmen camp, until I looked further and harder and finally saw the beastmen behind you and your friend. I’m not sure if the glamors you chose really work all that well with the Amalj’aa either. You’re lighting is spot on! I just wish there was more interaction with the beastmen or the camp itself!
Alexion Skylark – Wow, this is such a gorgeous shot! Such a beautiful background, and such a nice capture of the sunset! I’m not sure I’m too crazy about your glamor choice though, it really doesn’t tie in at all with the Sahagin in the surrounding area, and I’m not sure, but are you close to the actual camp of the because until I actually search and search for those Sahagin in the background I really couldn’t tell. It’s such a well done shot too! So beautifully framed well, the lens flare just connects straight to your character and draws you to the focal point of the shot! I just wish you had tied the theme in a lil better, still great work this week. Can really see such amazing improvements!

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