Dragoon Main LF A8s/7s & 3.4 Static

I am an experienced i240 Dragoon main looking for a progression focused static. I have cleared all 3.x raid content besides A8s, experienced up to second intermission. My previous group disbanded due to scheduling/roster issues, and I am just coming back from a short break from the game. I learn mechanics quickly, enjoy optimizing my own play and even moreso I enjoy optimizing raid dps by working out strats with my raid group instead of simply following guides. Always open to criticism, and open discussion concerning raid performance.

Not interested in playing with people that need their Ego stroked regularly or can’t handle criticism. I also don’t want to waste time wiping to fights/phases of fights that have already been progressed due to someone tunneling or chasing fflogs parses during progression season. Nor am I interested in raiding with people that dont care about showing up to raid on time and wasting my own or other’s time.

I can work around any raid schedule with start times of 7 pm eastern or later. During progression I am looking to raid around 15 hours a week minimum, and could raid up to 20-24 a week(could raid more for 1, maybe 2 weeks of content releases). I also don’t mind spending extra time during farm season working on speedkills, doing parse runs, or sales, though none of that is essential for me personally in a group.

I swapped to War for Midas progression, and the result of this is that I have very few current/relevant Drg parses(anything recent was from random traps and not representative of the #s i could push under ideal circumstances) though I can supply a dummy parse if desired, and have no issue providing Vods of my Drg play from Gordias or War for Midas. My Mnk is undergeared but I can have it geared and ready for 3.4 progression if needed.

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