Does FFXIV *Really* Want A New Non-Viera Race?

I often see many threads about Viera. So many that it can be annoying sometimes.. They always get shot down in the end or a debate forms that holds the thread for 20+ pages. So it’s a sensitive topic..

The ones who disagree always say things along the lines of: “We don’t need another Hyur with animal parts”, ” We don’t need another cute race”, “(something that involves weebs and/or furries)”.

Suggestions end up as: “I want a full body bestial race.”, “Bangaa”(what are Bangaa btw? xD), “A dwarf race”, “A serious, rough looking race” “Something that looks deadly”
Now let’s think about this.. And why all of those choices all probably bad and why Yoshida probably won’t do it.
We have our rough races in this game.. the non-cute ones. Roegadyn, Highlander, and maybe even Elezen. And they are also the least played races in the entire game(except male Highlanders. They seem to be frequent). Those are the races that aren’t played because they are “ugly” or “too rough”.

Miqo’te, Midlander, and Au Ra are so successful as races simply BECAUSE they are cute. Which is obviously what people love. Make a “Favorite Race” poll and I’ll bet… a trillion dollars Miqo’te will win! Why? Cute = Best. And don’t come in here with “Guys dressing up catgirls” because it’s just false stuff. Keep it out please. Women like cute too. And I happen to play Miqo’te.
Anyway, you have all the polls asking “What should the next race be!?”. If Viera is on it, it wins. Every time. It just does.

Now think of it from a Yoshi point of view..

Member: Hey boss what should we make as a race?

Yoshi: Okay let’s see here.. I *could* make a bestial-type race.. One that isn’t cute.. But we have Roegadyn which did terrible as a race while Miqo’te and Au Ra are thriving! It was a very good decision to make them cute! They are very successful as a race because of it. Statistics show.

Member: There’s a poll of what people want as a race. Viera is winning by 40% but the thread is filled with people saying don’t bring it O.o

Yoshi: Ignore them. They are the minority. Look at the numbers, it’s obvious what FFXIV as a whole, wants. We need to appeal to the majority for maximum profit instead of catering to the minority on the forums..
I think it’s seen that way and in a way it does make sense though. Why make an “ugly” race when the predecessors did so bad? From a business perspective.. A new race like that are Flavor of The Month then die. While Au Ra still thrive. You can say they are a bad/failed/lazy race but no matter what, they are a soaring success.

That said, I don’t even care about Viera

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