Do you have the same FFXIV problem with the story as I do?

Am I the only one that hates having a mute-but-not mute main protagonist in a story where characters normally spit out full paragraphes. A character would basically say a full page of words, then look at the protagonist and your character would just nod. I wouldn’t mind if the main protagonist was a mute like Gordon Freeman, but your character talks. The story is really good and the characters are well developed, but the way they made the protagonist annoys me. Should have SE taken the GW2 route and gave the main character a voice?

The real issue is that they let use customize our voices. There’s about 12 of them, and it would be REALLY expensive (especially since some of the voice samples are from pretty well-known actors. In Japan, at least) to record each and every line for each and every voice. Not to mention it’d bloat the game even larger.
So they let us use our imaginations.

Plus it can be kind of jarring when dialog appears that we would never say. There ARE a few instances where we choose what to say, and sometimes it’s in “Squeenixish” and doesn’t sound natural.

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