Do we really need stats tied to the gear?

Just a little thought about the current gear system.

It seems that the developers expect us to gear up only one/two jobs due to all the lockouts and grinding. My question is: why couldn’t we just gear up our character instead of the jobs?

We have gear for stats and we have gear for glamour. We also have the severely limited option to gear up all the jobs – playing all the jobs on one character is the main feature of the game, yet certainly limited due to gear. Sometimes we get shared gear, which is great if you play only one role, but people usually want to play multiple ones to keep content fresh which – too bad – do not share gear. Why couldn’t all the jobs share the gear then?

4.0 would be a great time removing the glamour prisms from the game.

I would like you to think about a system that would work better with multiple jobs.

Imagine that the current gear would be turned into glamour. You could just equip it to look nice.

Imagine that there would be a new gear looking similarly to materia made only of item levels (or maybe also rarity if it needs be) and there would be second page of gear where you would equip those item levels. Then based on your selected job these “orbs” would change their stats to match the job.

This would mean that if you gear up the warrior etc. with a simple click of button you could change to geared up black mage, because the stats would change automatically.

In my opinion this would be a more fitting system for this game and it would make playing multiple jobs/roles much easier which would of course decrease the tediousness and increase the fun.

Making the prisms one per a type would in my opinion ruin the gil making possibilities so much that there would be no point keeping them at all. ^^

The good question is how to keep crafting relevant with my suggestion.

I guess the best course of action would be to allow the crafters to craft role specific upgrades for additional stats.
So example:

1. We would buy a tomestone head piece with item level 300. This item would give us basic stats depending on the selected job.

2. Then we could go to a crafter/MB for a tank upgrade item etc. and socket it in, which would make the gear have the values of i310 – for the tanks.

The other roles would still have values of i300 until additional role items are added in to upgrade it for them, but they would be playable even without it.
Imo it would be for the best to go a slightly different route than materia and allow crafters to make the upgrades in brackets:

For example upgrade for head pieces in i280-290, i300-310, i310-320 range for a specific gear slots to have more recipes for the crafters alongside glamour.

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