Dark Knight lore/story question (Spoilers)

At the end of the level 50 job quest. Our “darkside”/Fray disolves after we seem to join together in the end.

When our dark side disappears it is done using the sparkle effect that I’ve only ever seen shown when a primal dies.

So is our dark side a primal? If so, how did it come into being in the first place?

I felt that Darkness and you were still connected, even though it was manifested. It kept trying to get you to accept and listen to the darkness within yourself. Its interesting that it seemed to suffer weakness several times in the quests too. There is nothing to say a echo user cant occupy two hosts at the same time.

It was definitely something possessing Fray’s corpse because it left the body behind afterward. They mention at the end that they gave the body of our ‘friend’ a full burial. I also think the difference with the Dark Knight Crystal and our other Crystals is a cross between the nature of the Dark Knights powers and the internal turmoil the WoL would have been experiencing, particularly right after 2.55. We are inexperienced with the echo as we almost always use it passively. We could have easily used it by accident, particularly if the Soul Crystal sparked off a part of ourselves we were supressing.

This particular theory is also shaped my wonderings on exactly the nature of the WoL’s echo. We know the properties of the echo is different for everyone. Krile’s echo gives her an extreme sensitivity to the aetheric/soul energies of others. I’ve had a theory the WoL’s echo allows them to link to the souls of others, bulstering them and perhaps drawing on them. This theory is born out of our ‘beacon of hope’, comments by NPCs that our presense can ‘make things happen’, and the final scene in 2.0 where we manifest light versions of all our allies and Lahabrea says ‘the light, it binds them’.

Perhaps the Fray thing is that function going haywire.

Also I though Sidurgu said he had heard legends of the like but had thought they were just that.

There is a clear connection between you and “Fray,” since s/he very rarely refers to him/herself as an individual and is, by most accounts, your shadow – everything about yourself you don’t like and hide from the world, from your rage to your sorrow. Of course there’s nothing saying that an Echo user can’t occupy two hosts simultaneously, but there’s nothing saying they can yet either, and things are false until proven true. (Or: Russell’s teapot.)

While it’s clear your shadow was possessing Fray’s corpse during “Our Answer,” before then it’s incredibly vague as to whether or not “Fray” is physically there with you and speaking on your behalf, or you’re speaking the dialogue that belongs to “Fray.” Some of the characters you interact note that you’re not quite yourself during the line, especially when you get testy with Ungrateful Limsan Merchant Guy, and even though s/he is the one speaking on your behalf nobody ever directly addresses or even looks at “Fray” before “Our Answer.” It really threw me for a loop until I hit that quest… and it still isn’t totally clear even in-universe.

As for the rest… who knows. I don’t want to tie the Echo into DRK because it’s technically not necessary at all, and I doubt they’d put such an important story detail into optional content. We also have it pretty clearly spelled out for us when the Echo is doing Echo-y stuff in 2.x onward, and while we do black out during “Our End,” there’s nothing else suggesting the Echo is in play. If it were going haywire maybe, but… well, who knows. (See: Russell’s teapot.)

And you’re right – Sidurgu does mention he’s heard tales like ours. My mistake.

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