Consumables by Crafters

I want to start this off by saying I don’t expect this to go anywhere other than idle banter, or an idea to entertain. Sometimes other ideas can spark starting from another. I am fully aware how ARR started with the idea in mind of no more consumables, however if they weren’t placed in a position that were a defining need, it could work. Considering the current isolation of crafters, I spent an early morning in bed (replace that with CEO room if its not justifiable enough) just thinking of possible ideas for each craft that could get injected to the game. The base idea I was going with were small degradable boosts that could be equipped or spent.

Alchemist – Potions, Phoenix Downs

Starting off with the most obvious one and probably easiest one to change. Potions have been in, and widely used in FF since forever – including XI, another MMO. The change here could be simple really; flip the percentage caps, and remove the HP cap. My example will deal with HP Potions, while MP could change near the same, and stat potions unchanged.

With NQ/HQ respectively:
Potion – 15%/20% 45sec cd
Hi-Potion – 25%/30% 1.5m cd
Mega-Potion – 40%/50% 3m cd
X-Potion – 75%/100% 15m cd

Now the X-pot seems OP, sure, although with a 15m cool-down, you have a single saving throw for a single fight; plus the materials could be very hard to come by, making it rare. The others could get respectively worthy cool-downs, with Potion being as low as maybe 45 seconds, considering its low power (some AoE’s can take that much, coupled with the fact of sometimes hit with multiple AoE). A possible exception to the current rule, would be to make X-pot on a separate cool-down, with Pot/Hi/Mega still sharing, and if possible, pops Megas cool-down at the same time. That way they could not use X/Mega back to back, but still have room to use lower grade potions later in the fight, should it last that long.

Phoenix Downs first off would be usable in battle, as they should’ve been long ago. Keep the 1 per inventory if you must, but this would at least make them usable for the game. Materials could be like X-pot, hard to come by, thus making the player decide if it really is something that should be used at that time. Benefits could go one of two ways for NQ/HQ

1) NQ: 25% HP/MP 10sec Cast
HQ: 50% HP/MP 10sec Cast

2) NQ: 25% HP/MP 10sec Cast
HQ: 25% HP/MP 3sec Cast

The 10 second initial cast time would keep healers Raise spells more optimal and still used, with the only exception being option 2, in which HQ could be geared in a way that is hard to get, making it a costly “swift-cast” item.

Leatherworker – Grips (Melee Jobs) / Weaver – Grips (Magic Jobs)

Yes, the idea would be nearly the same as XI’s grips, with some changes. First, they degrade at a faster rate than normal gear, and they are not repairable. The benefits could be in a wide variety ranging from: Main stat(STR etc), secondary (Acc etc), effects (chance to: sleep, silence, para, etc), HP/MP+, plus anything else others could come up with.

The idea would be to keep it as a ‘boost’, and in essence, for min/max raiders not be needed. Even with these in game, DPS checks could be done without them, these at most would account for minor “human error” or that stray AoE that threw you off your rotation. For casuals (hate this word, but lack of better term), just fun boosts to have and toy with. Some could even be crazy/funny like chance on hit, summons moogle barrage (added effect dmg).

Carpenter/Blacksmith – Arrows/Bullets

Arrows/Bullets would not be needed to use abilities. These in simple words, are just like grips.

Armorer – Grenades

I saw this mentioned in the forums some time ago and thought it could be an interesting idea for a “throw” item; and at its best maybe help alleviate dps loss if your running for a long time in AoE hell. It would use the global cool-down, but would be an instant ground target-able small AoE.

Grenade – Potency NQ:200/HQ:250 1m CD

If at some point elements are brought back into usefulness, this could be added to grenades as well.

Goldsmith – Gas Bombs

Roughly the same as Grenades, except instead of damage, they do instant small AoE status. Sleep/Silence/Stun etc.

Culinarian – Unchanged, has food consumables.

This list is by no means perfect, as some crafts would be used a lot more than others. It is just an idea to help integrate crafting with uses in the game, other than frilly housing or sub-par weapon/armor crafts.

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