Class Concept — Final Fantasy XIV Blue Mage

These are just my musings on how I would like to see a Blue Mage could be implemented in FFXIV. Inspiration was taken from the FFXI class storyline. I tried to avoid specifics of Traits/Spells/etc to leave these up to SE, but I feel like the mechanics are sound. It will be split into multiple posts.
Blue Mage

Employing the legendary arts of the Near East, these formidable fighter-mages employ elegantly curved blades for close combat, while decimating their enemies with fell magic mastered from their opponents.

Blue Mage is a Disciple of War class that specializes in dual wielded Curved Blades and Blue Magic. The Blue Mage is a physical, melee class that relies on strength to slay their enemies with spell and blade. Blue Mage is a DPS that wears leather and cloth armor. The most important stat for Blue Mage is strength, which increases melee damage.

Blue Mage focuses on using weapon skills to build up stacks of Bestial Corruption. Upon reaching maximum stacks, the Blue Mage can release The Beast Within to unleash deadly Blue Magic to slay their foes.

The Blue Mage will receive cross-class abilities from Rogue and Thaumaturge.

Class Mechanics

Bestial Corruption – Upon using a Weapon Skill, the Blue Mage acquires 1 stack of Bestial Corruption. Bestial Corruption increases the TP cost of your Weapon Skills by 5% and increases magic damage dealt by Blue Magic by 5%. Upon reaching 10 stacks, the Blue Mage unleashes The Beast Within. Bestial Corruption stacks last 20 seconds. The duration is refreshed each time a stack is added.

The Beast Within – Upon reaching 10 stacks of Bestial Corruption, The Beast Within triggers. The Beast Within is a buff that increases Blue Magic damage dealt by an additional 50% and grants Burst Affinity. During Beast Within, no more Bestial Corruption stacks can be gained. The Beast Within lasts 30 seconds and granted Sated upon expiring.

Sated – The Beast Within is sated upon expiring, increasing MP regen for 15 seconds. You cannot enter Beast Within or gain Bestial Corruption stacks during Sated.

Burst Affinity – Burst Affinity activates the secondary effect of certain Blue Magic spells, allowing them to be used in a three-chain combo while under the effects of The Beast Within. An example of such would be something like: Savage Blade -> Expiacion (Combo: +damage; +Magic Damage Taken) -> Charged Whisker (Add. Eff: Paralysis).

Blue Magic – Unlike the Aetherial Magic practiced by Thaumaturges and Arcanists that draw from the aetherial well within, Blue Mages forcefully draw upon the wells of aether within their foes. By slaying beasts and beastmen alike, the Blue Mage captures this essence and takes a fragment of their foe into him/herself. By absorbing this essence, the Blue Mage can draw upon the shared knowledge of his foes, granting unto him their abilities. (Bomb Toss, Charged Whisker, Acid Spray, etc etc etc)


Blue Mage’s playstyle is a unique mix of swordplay and spellcraft. Baseline, Blue Magic spells (excluding utility ones, i.e. Dream Flower) are instant cast but with poor DMG/MP ratio. By ramping up damage via Bestial Corruption and Beast Within, these spells become more and more DMG/MP efficient. This creates a playstyle where the BLU must learn to weave their spells and weaponskills together, rather than just doing melee damage or just trying to be a spellcaster.

Unleashing your magic during Beast Within phases allows you to maximize your damage and unleash a strong mix of physical and magic burst damage. The BLU also has a moderately sized MP pool to help further prevent magic-only use.

For the purpose of playstyle, BLU spells will be treated essentially as magic-damage weaponskills (a la Mudras). Strength will increase magic damage dealt.

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