Chocobo Keeps Turning the Wrong Color?

Good morning everyone! Hope all is well. I had an issue with coloring my chocobo I was hoping maybe someone could help me with.

So I’ve had my Snow White chocobo for a long time now, and I felt it was time for a change. I decided I wanted more of a “natural’ color, and also one that was close to the Pok√©mon Pidgeotto, so decided try and change from Snow White to Cork Brown.

After googling how to making this happen, I came across the most popular result which was a “Chocobo Color Calculator”. After inputting my current and desired colors, it told me to feed my chocobo X-amounts of specific fruits in an alternating order and I would get my desired color.

So that’s what I did. While feeding I gave it one of each fruit in order, then started the pattern over after the third fruit was consumed until they were all gone in one feeding. Unfortunately, the next morning my chocobo was NOT Cork Brown, but Cactuar Green! Frustrated, I thought, “okay, maybe I screwed up a fruit somewhere and didn’t realize…so let’s try again”. I looked up the same site, attempted to go from Cactuar Green to Cork Brown….and 6 hours later I’m looking at a “Millioncorn Yellow”….

So can anyone give me some advice here? Or maybe at least a better website to use? I’m really wanting to get this thing the right color, but I hate having to waste SO much time and effort into these mistakes.

Any help is GREATLY appreciated! Thanks everyone!

Also, I want to confirm that I’m feeding them in the right order. So this is just an example:

Say I have to give them x4 Plums, x12 Pineapples, and x12 Valfruits. In one feeding, I give 1 plum, then 1 pineapple, then one valfruit, then start pattern over at plum, repeating until all plums are gone, then alternating the remaining pineapples and valfruits. That’s how I understood you were supposed to do it, but I just wanted to confirm.

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