Character in FIRST character slot is the problem

I saw that but don’t think it’s correct. I am in Limsa and haven’t been able to get in for the last two hours. There was at least one other person that posted they were in Limsa too, and they could log in with their alt but not their main. It seems like it could be related to the main character on your account. Others have confirmed they can’t log in with their main but they can with their alts.

This struck me as odd also – but in my case 1 of my “ALTS” is the same level and “I Level” as the character I consider my “MAIN”. I am wondering if its positional – like character in FIRST character slot is the problem – anyone have a character they cant log into that isn’t in the first slot?

Yeah… I thought it was weird that Reddit went quiet when I STILL cannot log into the game getting the same errors as other on here. I am on Hyperion, and sadly regret restarting my client to get my mouse settings to work before raid because since I couldnt get in my raid group had to call it. That was more than 2 hours ago and all I am seeing that SE only stated that it had already been “addressed”.


The common thread I seem to be seeing is everybody who got disconnected while in an instance (Dungeon, trial, etc) is having this issue. Hopefully the team is working on that; Kinda disappointed I didn’t get to do my roulettes tonight.

Maiko here from Hyperion, and yeah I’m getting the same error code (90002) something must of happened with the wards or something. I always log out there for the night. I’m also having issues logging in. Looks like I won’t be playing tonight. Hopefully we’ve put up enough of a stink to raise some attention.

Yet another chiming in on being 90k’d on certain characters. I’ve been able to log in on various alts over on the Aether data center, but unable to log in on my main or two alts on Behemoth for hours now. All three of those were logged out/90k’d in Lavender Beds, however I’m able to log into my two other alts that had been logged out in Limsa/Ul’dah.

I’m both glad (and sad) that i’m not the only one having this problem. Its currently 1:45am CST time for me and it says i have an excellent connection when i try to log into my main on Ultros, but when i try to log in it gives me a 10105 error and my connection turns poor. I can log into my alt on Adamantoise with my “poor” connection just fine. Before they did the maintenance I was getting the same error except before it was also saying that the server was full and tried to put me in a queue before letting me see the loading screen and going right back to the error page. Last time was i logged in was 5am CST this morning and i was somewhere in Gridania.

I don’t frequent these forums usually, but is it normal for Square Enix to ignore people in this technical support forum? Is there any point to this if it takes this long and they still haven’t noticed there’s a problem? Is it also normal to not be able to get timely support from their online chat or email support systems?

I see there’s yet another status update on the news site that says Excalibur was down and is back. Is it really so hard for them to pay attention to the community to make sure that their servers actually work? If they’re aware of this issue, any kind of acknowledgment or communication would be greatly appreciated.

And on a related note, are we going to be issued any kind of game time credit for this outage? This has almost been an entire day’s worth of playing gone for some people. A day of credit seems reasonable given the circumstances.

Im honestly surprised it isnt fixed by now, we were on track for a A5S clear, very close to winning and as far as I know I’m still stuck in alex while everyone else has been able to log back in . I really really hope they at least acknowledge us or do something about this soon, this is totally going to screw up my Ixal dailies and my roulettes.

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