Blame FFXIV Square Enix who don’t care about our opinion

Here I am*! Explaining some things I’ve learn so far. Haters gonna hate but I love Triple Triad and the only way to win is by win trading, So yes, I do some win trade against my alt characters. Don’t blame me for doing that. Blame Square Enix who don’t care about our opinion and didn’t change anything since we tell them what’s wrong. Yes, I manage to fair play the first tournament I was with my 65 cards and I get nothing because people where wintrading. So I just do the same as them to get my rewards.

I only miss Tidus from tournament at this moment but you know First win 170 000 Gold Saucer Point so … It’s not with the Lottery that I’ll make the 2 000 000 more or less we need to buy everything.

But I’m here to explain and highlight something which is terribly distressing. The tournament Top 3 is done in the first hours. Some one who play after 5 or 6 hours since the tournament has started will never reach the Top3.

Just look at those screenshoots and I’m gonna tell you why it’s impossible to reach us.

Rank 1*: My main character who took 35 wins from 2 alt character who also took their wins from 2 other alt character. Yes I take wins from 2 alts to get first in every tournament.

Rank 16*: My first alt character*: I was here at 10:00 when the tournament start. So I only made 15 wins to be sure that this alt will stay in the top ranking when he was going to loose against my main character.

Rank 9*: My second alt character*: My main needed 15 more wins so I gave the alt 20 wins and take his last 15 matches with my main.

Now as you can see in the Screen shoot there is a few more characters with lots of wins but no one can reach the amount of points I have with my main.I’ll tell you why soon.

But first I have to notice you something else. Runesansu (Me) was first in the tournament at 11:15 (more or less). The screenshoot’s time is nearly 16:00. Yes because, I go further than only get the first rank in the tournament.

My whish is to win. But I also wants my FC mate to win some stuff. So after getting the rank 1 with my main. I manage to help a friend:the actual number 2.

How did I do that*? It’s simple, just look at it*:
Rank 2*: My mate from Fc. He only have 34 wins because he loose by mistake against Rank 5.

Rank 5*: One of my alt char who gave 4 wins instead of 5 by mistake to the rank 2

Rank 6*: One of my alt char who gave 5 wins to the rank 2

Rank 7*: One of my alt char who gave 5 wins to the rank 2

Rank 8*: One of my alt char who gave 5 wins to the rank 2

Rank 10*: One of my alt char who gave 5 wins to the rank 2

Rank 11*: One of my alt char who gave 5 wins to the rank 2

Rank 12*: One of my alt char who gave 5 wins to the rank 2

We end the games at 15:45

So some people will be confused at this point*: Yes my friend have to make 35 wins from 7 alt characters who have already win around 30 games of 35. Then the alt give my friend 5 wins. Its about 245 Games.

Was it worth it*? Yes it was he is rank 2. Btw we loose 80 poins with the mistake so is final score should have been 4650 (more or less), 100 points behind my main so.
But I have a question for Square Enix.

Is that normal that some who play against 7 alt who had already 29/30 wins, made less points in the tournament than some one who only play against 2 alt who only win 20 and 15 times*?
I will tell you something. No its not*!

The ranking of the tournament is done in the first hours.

Would you know why*? Because when I start playing with my main and my two alts. There is a few people playing.
So I’m makings wins against the actual Top ranked players (my alts) so I made tons of points per wins.

But when some one comes two or more hours laters. The Top 20 rank board is full of players. So no one is playing against the rank 1 to 5 like me against my alt.
Only people who play at the start can manage to have much point as me.

When i’m writting this, it’s actually 21:00. One other friend is trying to reach the top 3.

And you know what*? He can’t. He only made 125 points per wins against his alt who won 31 games. When the rank 2 was making 130 (5 hours ago) and me 135 (7 hours ago).

I’ll explain you again why he isnt making so much point as me.

When I take my win from my first alt, he was rank number 1.
When I take my win from my second alt he was rank number 5,

When my FC mate take his win the alt was rank between 5 and 11.

And my friend who will not manage to reach top 3 is actually taking win from his alt whose rank are between 16 and 20.

So there is a simple fact*:

The more people play the tournament, the less point you win when you are taking win against some one who is only loosing.

Why*? Because your character is at a lower rank than mine when he was loosing. When I start we were 3 playing. So even if my alt was loosing his rank was 5 or 6. So I get extra bonus from the win against a high rank player.

Here is a screen shoot of the Board 24 hours after I finished my games*:

At this point*: My friend only manage to reach Top 5 to 10.

Rank 1 to 10 and Rank 13 are Real players.

Rank 11 to 20 except 13 are Alt characters,

So …

I play 70 games at the start to be first and stay at this place for ever. I’ve always been first except one first tournament and Tournament with Tidus card because I wasnt here for 2 days.

My first friend have to play 245 Games only 2 hours after the tournament start to manage to reach top 3. And he is more than 150 points behind me

My second friend have to play 280 Games 10 hours after the tournament start to only reach Top 5-10*?

So at this point The Top 3 will stay like this and no one will be able to moove us from the board. Or they will have to use 4 accounts with 16 alts giving 2 wins to the main char by previously getting 33 wins from 15 others alts.

And at this point I’m too afraid too ask but … Anybody got time for that*?

First*: Don’t allow people to play twice against some one else.

That’ll not prevent all win tradings but it’ll be more difficult to get some wins from an altchar for sure. Some wintraders like me’ll find a way to do it anyway like making a team with another win trader.
We’ll manage to use Alt from other players to give ours win and we can do the same for them. So it’s not the perfect solution but most of us will stop doing it faster than you think

Second*: Don’t allow people to play against others players and made a tournament based on NPC.

For exemple*: If we had 30 games to do*: choose like 10 or 15 randoms NPC. Give them Tournament deck and put them tournament’s rules.
Don’t hide the rules before playing,it’s useless because people with alt will engaging alt before the main. And it’ll not be fair play against people who dont have alt.
Don’t use random rules it’s not fair too. People can have some hard rules when others will have only easy one.

How did you manage to give people points you’ll ask for sure*:

First Give different points if people Win Loose or Draw a match.

Then give bonus points based on how many cards are ours. I mean if the whole board is ours, you must give more points than if we only win with one more card than the NPC,

Third*: There is no third things. In fact only the second will made us play and enjoy Triple Triad. Yes people’ll cry because they dont have good cards or not the 60 to unlock the better deck.

But me and others players play hard to get them. So yeah Casual people are gonna cry. But by making the tournament easier it’s easier for us to reach the Top and we have better rewards than ever.

If the development team needs help to made a better Triple Triad’s tournament or want some very good advices. It’ll be my pleasure to help you and being a part of a new better and funnier tournament.

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