Black Desert CN’s Translation Has Completed 85%

The long wait is almost over for Black Desert Online’s fans in China, according to China’s media, the translation of Black Desert Online CN version has already completed 85%. And its Taiwan server will kick off tests in 2016.


Korean-made MMORPG Black Desert Online is standing out conspicuously from many new online games these years. It has won the Best Innovation Client Game of MMOsite Readers’ Choice and headed into the top 3 in the categories of Most Anticipated, Favorite MMORPG, Best Graphics, and Best Soundtrack.


It’s lucky that NA and EU players can access Black Desert Online ahead of China (the last region as far as we know). Daum has announced at official forum that the total number of Black Desert Online’s pre-order copies has reached 124000+ on 3rd January, 2016.


Pre-order Black Desert Online on their Official Website. Read on to see more screenshots on CN version.




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