Belias and the other XII Espers are Voidsent in XIV’s universe

The True Brothers of the Faith (AKA, 3.1’s antagonists) are on the verge of summoning a primal (3 guesses who), spurned by Thordan’s success at doing the same thing

Phoenix Downs are actually a manifestation of Louisoix’s aether after his own summoning and subsequent battle with Bahamut, which is also why they are so rare

Soon, the fact that payers can become a Black Mage and a White Mage, or a Paladin and a Dark Knight, or other jobs aspected to opposing elements in the light/dark axis will become a plot point

There’s an alternate universe version of Eorzea, only crystalized to the point where even the people are nothing more like then living immobile crystal statues (Think something like the Fayth or l’Cie who completed their focus). This is one where the Light threw the darkness out of the equation and messed up the balance (and a certain quintet of ebon clad god-slayers hail from this universe)

Each of the Jobs has a certain common color type, and gemstones of that color help enhance that job’s capabilities, this is independent of the Soulstones as one colored gemstone can enhance multiple jobs, the colors are Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple and White.

Ever since the fall, Dalamud is always in Malefic, and the lore of Astromancy vaguely predicted that it’s point will be fixed

Summoners at 60 can use more then just Painflare and Deathflare, they can also access the ability Ank Morn, and even Teraflare, however it will take a large group of summoners for that to work and very few even know they can do it (Plus Ank Morn is too weak for the amount of effort involved, unless you’re Bahamut)

The Grand Companies continue the PvP charade because they know that the Asicans and Garlemald might also be interested in Omega, and that while Teledgi might be neutralized the same cannot be said of Lolorito.

Yda and Papalymo have a brother/sister dynamic

Cuchulainn, Belias and the other XII Espers are Voidsent in XIV’s universe were experiemtned on by Allag to see if they can merge demon and eikon, Belias is the only known sucess story and later became the inspiration for the Amalj’aa’s myths.

the Gnath and Vanu Vanu were allagin experiemnts like the Ixal and the Phantom Ray at the Fractal Continunm was menat to oversee the Gnath, eventually becoming worshiped as Ravana

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