Been mostly FFXIV DPS since beta

So I recently started tanking. Been mostly FFXIV DPS since beta, and dabbled in healing a moment at one point.

When I’m new to tanking a dungeon I like to make sure the party knows that, but for some reason when I says this, one of the DPS feels the need to be the tank and pull. I’ve never noticed this much from a DPS standpoint as I’ve only come across this maybe once or twice since beta. This has happened in half of the duties I’ve said I was new at tanking. Here are just a few examples:

In Halatali one of the DPS decides to pull in one of the large rooms with bomb circling it and other mobs. When this happened I just stood there and watched, because if you’re going to pull I’m not going to help you. Simple as that. With kiting they were able to beat the two enemies. Afterwards I said, “Don’t pull please. I’m the tank.”

In the lv15 guildhest, Basic Training: Enemy Strongholds, the rogue kept going ahead and pulling mobs. We get to toad boss at end and he does a ranged attack pulling the toad as though he were a tank with Tomahawk or Shield Lob and then going all out on it. I had a heck of a time pulling aggro off of him. I had provoke, but didn’t need it, but almost did. Provoke would of done it faster, but the enemy wasn’t dealing much damage even to DPS being that it’s a weaker low level guildhest enemy.

There was another case in Copperbell Mines where I had to say “Don’t pull please, I’m tank, lol”

It should also be noted that none of the people that were pulling were new to the game. The ones that were new never did this. I get tired of these hotshot DPS that think they’ll be the tank. If you want to be a tank, play a tank role. It’s like saying you’re new to tanking makes them think they’re the tank.

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