Auri and Ishgard, can we truly be Final Fantasy XIV allies?

One thing has been lingering on my mind since the new race Au\\\\’Ra was announced.

The Au\\\\’Ra are theoretically part Dravanian. With that, the first concern of mine is where does the race originate from. With essentially all of old Coerthas opening up for us, I would expect it to be either Ishgard city proper, or Dravania. Both of these bring up some major concerns.

Being from dravania, that would imply this race has been around amongst dragons, possibly a lower class amongst dragon kind. Dragons don\\\\’t need clothes, so this would explain their ratty garb, being the only ones in their society that needs it. The other option is ishgard proper. Have a whole host of issues if this is the case. Ishgardians HATE dragons, to the point they label even suspected sympathizers as heretics and want blood. And that is just for people who like dragons.

Imagine if you were actually part dragon! At worst, they would be lowest low class; at best, mud-in-the-dirt class among ishgardian society. This would definitely explain their starter clothes.
This of course is all regarding NPCs, and where they might be in the new expansion. Nevermind player characters. As a character who has become a friend and hero to their city, will Ishgard still revere me if I undergo a race change? Say I am just starting out. Would they so much as last me climb the observatory before skewering me on sight? At that point I am as much an outsider as I am draconic.

I am just really interested in how this new race will integrate themselves with the rest of Eorzea. Of course, if it turns out Au\\’Ra are not Dravanian, disregard everything I already said and mark me a fool.

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