Au Ra Final Fantasy XIV Facepaint, Working as intended?

I’m sure now that people have had a few days to play around with the benchmark and character creation tools. Many have noticed a possible “Issue” with facepaint/scale clipping.

I have included a picture, The one on the Left I have edited to have the facepaint go under the scales, The one on the right is how facepaint currently interacts with scales.

I know some people like how it works, and some people (like myself) do not. So I was wondering if this is how facepaint is meant to interact with the scales, Or if it is an unintended bug.

If it is working as intended I was wondering if at all possible we could get an Under/Over toggle for face paint so it does not clip with the scales.

I mean from a logical point, both parties are right.
Scales are part of the skin, so in a sense it makes sense to paint over them.
But if we are arguing on a realistic/logical scale, then it’s just as easy to cover them up, and paint around them.

Aesthetically I prefer no paint on my scales as it adds a good contrast of colors. I wouldn’t mind paint on the scales if it didn’t look muddled either. If we are playing with logic here, paint would change colors depending on the base of the canvas, in this case, Skin + Black scales. Any paint over the black scales would be much darker and still have that shiny and hard scale texture. But what we currently have is same color/texture for paint on scale and skin. I think that’s why it looks slightly “off” to me.

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