At What Point Does It Become Justified?

I’m curious, since the subject Im about to discuss seems to have so many different viewpoints and can potentially split the team. Either way, I’d just like to get a few ‘personal’ opinions, no matter how differing and laughable some may be (I mean no offense). Anyway, heres the question…questions:

At what point has shi…’stuff’…gone too far in Frontlines, in other words…’legal’ (any action that isn’t hacking imo ;p) actions, tactics, by the opponent team…that require a response of some sort? When is simple, honest, hateful revenge justified?? At what point are game objectives to be ignored completely in favor of a focused righteous curb-stomping of the offending team?

As far as I’m long as it doesn’t violate the rules of the ToS agreement (which simply amounts to hacking imo) A N Y action from an enemy team against yours is 100% legal. Bad taste, poor sportsmanship, ‘dirty tactics’, whatever, (these phrases mean nothing), from the enemy team is completely allowable. After’re sure as hell not there to have tea and discuss world peace with the members of a rival gc. You’re there to kill them, and vice versa. As such, tactics like spawncamping or attacking your team even though your dead last, while ‘shameful’, are perfectly allowable. Of course. . .

every action has its consequence.

So what would you personally say is the breaking point? When is enough enough? Some would say never, that theres no such thing, that you should always try to maintain your cool and keep focusing on the objectives, regardless of what style of play is being thrust upon you. Some believe winning is the most important thing (liek..why else would you be in pvp if not to win, right …so to speak) and are willing to endure outright abuse without slightest response to obtain it. PvP’s sensible version of ‘the better man.’

Then there are those who think some modest form of response to say…spawncamping, is agreeable, only however, if its on the path to the objective. In other words, yes, some revenge is good and healthy, but don’t go out your way for it and lose your perspective. Get a few licks back if at all possible, but don’t allow the opposing team to childishly ‘pull your chain.’ The decent class thats willing to put the interest of fellow teammates with a desire to win, ahead of their own need for revenge.

What about you?? Me humbly ask you to state your own thoughts and views. While Im sure it may develope into a ….passionate…subject, please try not to verbally smack others with a wooden spoon for theirs.

As for my own opinion, I r ashamed to say I fall into the last class of selfish idiots who care nothing whatsoever about winning, nor for teammates interested in such (me getting my cookies in pvp > you getting your crappy mount) And if me care nothing for me teammates (save…how much hp your body has left remaining in it to continue functioning as a living shield for meh) how much less Im willing to even slightly suffer overly aggressive opponents. Me is the kind that will GLADLY drop winning objectives and simply give the uninvolved team a free win in favor of having a second date with the team that just had to have a houseparty on our flag w/o at least some justifiable reason. Even if its animalistic thinking, far as Im concerned, pvpwise, theres nothing more deeply satisfying than well deserved revenge. What’s a passive victory where you limp to 1st place from following objectives and successfully praying to rngesus to be merciful…verses 2nd or even 3rd, along with that righteous, fear of god-azz-whoopin the other team had coming for that cute little spawncamp? Far far far more important things than just another notch on a win record.

Anyway, your own thoughts.

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