Assistance in helping me pick my healing class

Hello. So after 2 different melee DPS classes to 50 (Monk and Ninja) I’ve decided I want to pick a healer. I have Marauder to 26 and PLD almost to 34 just to unlock all of their cross class skills and of course to try them out a little bit, and then of course there is the DRK, however I’ve only done the opening quest to that. My plan is eventually to have one of each role; a tank, heals, and dps class on hand. For DPS I favor Ninja, but I’ve yet to decide on what tank or healing class I want to pick. So anyway that’s the context and now I will ask some questions that I hope you can do your best to answer!

1. Which healer is considered the “best” at the moment? I know, I know, they all have their strengths and weaknesses, but I think you know what I mean here. Generally, meta-permitting, there is always a class considered objectively higher tuned than the others. I’m curious right now which healer is seen as the best…tuned class if you will, in ascending order. This isn’t so much because I want to pick the best, balance can always fluctuate, I’m just curious what the general opinion is among the healing community at the very moment

2. Do any of the healing classes have any situations where they are considered un-viable or sub-optimal? I mean this in the sense that if I join a group, the party gets all “Ugh…it’s a [x healing class here), we’re screwed”. Do any healerss have this sort of issue with any of the current end-game content? I know I’ve experienced stuff like this playing certain healing specs in WoW PvP (such as the ups and downs of healing priest). This is also in regards to an average pug group. I’m aware that in a really organized, high-skill group that possibly anything can work for anything, those types of players make almost anything work if they have to.

3. If you had to make a completely off-the-cuff and uneducated, un-backed by statistics guess as to what the least —> most played healing class is in general, what would be your observation?

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