ARR 2.55 and FFXIV Heavensward spoilers below

Be warned — ARR 2.55 and Heavensward spoilers below.

Also, lots of assumptions and theorizing inbound. These are only musings and theories, nothing more.

As of the conclusion of Heavensward, I think it’s safe to say that most of the Scions will be returning in some capacity. Alphinaud seemed very certain they’d all survived; Thancred is probably dealing with his wounded knee (hinting at a possible future job change, perhaps?), and I’m fairly certain that Minfilia is dealing with whatever Hydalaen told her.

Now, assuming this is all true, and knowing that we likely won’t be getting anymore tank or healer classes until 4.0, does anyone think that it’s possible that Minfilia will represent the Dancer class as a healer?

I don’t have a lot of strong evidence outside of possible cultural clues. Minfilia is partly Ala Mhigan, and I think it’s safe to say that every culture has its DPS, tank and healing roles. Given her clothing and what we know of Ala Mhigan culture (which reminds me of Native Americans, being forced from their homes and having nobody to support them), would it be a stretch to say that dancing and other “exotic” roles would be a part of their culture?

Throughout ARR, we see Minfilia get attacked several times and not really try to fight back, and this is specific to her — all other Scions are ready to fight. Could this be because she represents a healer class and not a combat-oriented class?

Y’shtola did participate in fighting at the end of 2.55, but we all know White Mage to have very good offensive capabilities. The lore behind black/white magic supports this. Could Dancer be a more “natural” healer that doesn’t rely so much on manipulating aether, but possibly on casting debuffs on enemies (such as poison darts, needles with paralysis) while using more natural methods of healing (more or less, using medicines)? This would help differentiate it from other healers, especially AST, given that it would literally be doing the exact opposite.

So, my questions would be:

-Do you think Minfilia will play the Dancer class?

-Do you think Dancer will be a healing class?

-If so, how do you think it will function?

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