Arenvald – FFXIV Garlean half-breed?


I am currently leveling an alt and I am now at the point where you’re called into Waking Sands for the 1st time.

While chatting with other npcs I ran across Arenvald, an Ala Mhigan. He also has the echo (had that dream with Hydaelyn) and he and his companions refer to himself as a Garlean half-breed.

It’s very vague, but it seems like his father was a pure-blooded Garlean and may not have been a mere soldier from a conquered nation. It’s also emphasized that Arenvald’s a half-breed from Ala Mhigo.

We know mixed race children are possible and are highly frowned upon. And based on his story, he was frowned upon as a child and his mother eventually abandoned him.

From what little we know of pure-blooded Garleans, their males pretty much look like highlanders and are typically blond and they have a “3rd eye”. Due to Arenvald’s hair style it’s not known if he has that 3rd eye, and it doesn’t help that most Highlanders originate from Ala Mhigo as well.

Though, interestingly enough I’m guessing he’s able to use aether due to also having the echo and seeing a similar vision our character saw in the beginning of the game

A shame he doesn’t have a role in the plot, his story is very interesting and tragic.

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