Are There Cross Breeds In FFXIV?

Hello all!

In one of the general threads, I participate as Kacho Nacho the Lalaqot’e. It’s all meant in fun as a way to justify why I am in a thread about miqot’es.

However, my spouse took me to task, stating not only would such a character be impossible, any cross-breeding would be impossible due to the differences in the races. Basically, the genetics wouldn’t match up.

I know. I know. Applying real world concepts of genetics to a fantasy MMORPG is silly but the discussion left me thinking, are there half-breed characters in the lore?

I know there are no racial restrictions on the Ceremony of Eternal Bonding. Could such bondings conceivably (hehe) lead to all sort of racially mixed characters?

Forgive me for being all incredibly anal, but this rule is basically the equivalent of “lying-to-children” when it comes to reproductive biology. Reproduction and fertile offspring is so much more complex than that. We have examples of cross-species reproduction with viable offspring with closely related large mammals in zoos (one theory states that modern humans comes from one such event! Ever hear of Homo sapien x Homo erectus? ) and we have genetic information on some bird species that show they speciated from one of these pairings. The Hawaiian Duck is one I’m thinking of in particular; they can still reproduce and have viable offspring with Mallards despite being genetically distinct and different species.

And then we have 8 subspecies of the salamander Ensatina in California that are so distinctly speciated that they can’t reproduce together at all, despite still being classified as the same species.

What’s the point of my rant?

Hypothetically speaking, a Great Dane and a Chihuahua can reproduce, yes. But in a realistic scenario, the offspring will not be carried to full term, they will die before they are born. Most of the time the eggs are not capable of being fertilized at all. They are one species, but they are not viable together.

I believe this would be the case with a Lalafell and a Roe or Elezen, for example. Unless the rule is that they are the race of the mother, of course. This is pretty commonly used in fiction, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it is. Also, magical reproduction. Because reasons.

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