Archaeornis Leather is so expensive relative to other new things largely

For old stuff, check out what’s happened to Rose Gold Ingots and Gold Ingots. All my Weathered Soldiery items converted into Rose Gold Ingots, so they might be tanking in value. Also, you can now buy all the Soldiery mats from the GC vendor. Since most people expected a new GC rank, I’ll bet most people did what I did and saved up 50k GC seals pre-expansion only to find that not only are there no new GC ranks, we’re getting tons of GC seals from GC turnins for crafting leveling, so we need to dump our seals fast. I’ll bet all GC mats are tanking… though some are also needed for airships, so that may go up instead. It’s hard to tell. On that note, Rose Gold Ingots are also needed for airships, so they might and might not be going down.

When I have time to go back into game, I’ll have to check the “c51” items from before and see if I’m a total derp and they were r120, not r115. Or if the lowest new crafter items are actually listed as c50 and are r115, which would be really weird. It’s looking like crafter levels are working the same as fish levels, I just didn’t pay enough attention to my own data. Oops! I’ll update it soon.

The best way to help me would be if you put your yields on the google doc I linked in the OP. There’s a “Public Data” page where anyone can put stuff. To use it: the “num” is the maximum number of that item you’ve ever gotten (chances seem uniform between 1 and max), the “times” column is the number of times you’ve gotten that result from desynthing (NOT the total number of items, just the number of times you received 1+ of that item), and ignore HQ/NQ (it’s 20% chance of HQ for all mats).


If you send me your google account name via email or by posting it in the “Public Comments” section of the sheet, I can add a page for you to enter data on. The sheet is protected the way it is to prevent/reduce vandalism. Because reasons.

Bridesmaid is not that great on my server, since Field3 has crashed in just two days and sells for 20k or so now. Spruce wood and Hyppo leather have compensated the costs.I’ve started buying Archaeoskin Belts since 94d skill, with NQ bacon and Tinker it was 20ish percent. Out of about 40 successful desynths I had 0.9 gain 1-2 times, 0.8 about 20 times and the rest were 0.6 and 0.4.

Yeah, FC3s are no longer required for crafter progression, so it makes sense that they’re tanking. I’m so sad none of the new stuff uses demimateria (with trivial exceptions) I’ll update the LTW note next time I update the guide. Still, 6k for an i70 item isn’t that bad. You have to get up high enough to do the r115 stuff somehow.

Archaeornis Leather is so expensive relative to other new things largely because the skin is a pain to get right now. The enemies that drop it do so pretty rarely. I killed twenty and only one dropped the skin, though it did drop three. Compared to items that are mined or harvested, this is far, far slower – I obtained 60 Mythrite Sand (12 nuggets worth) in the time it took me to get 3 Archaeornis Skins (1 leather worth). The leather also takes Coerthan Tea Leaves, which appear to only be from an unspoiled node, unlike the base mats for other classes which take stuff from non-unspoiled. The easiest way to get it seems to be desynth, actually. The leaves are also needed for the next level of leather. Why couldn’t they have given us seeds for the tea leaves too? No new items can be grown in gardens…

So, everyone who is an LTW desynther and reading this thread, capitalize on desynthing the belts right now before the price of leather tanks. You can get them for only 9k from vendors if the MB prices are higher than 9k. The belts are r115, can drop up to two leather, and only have one other ingredient. You should be able to make much more than they cost as you level to ~140 dSkill, just like we did with the Bridesmaid’s Sandals. Just, uhh, if you’re on Faerie, don’t do this before I can.

So, it seems that the way to tell what’s r115 and what’s r120 for the c51 items is to look at the “Difficulty” of the craft. Items with 339 Difficulty are r115, and items with 421 Difficulty are r120. As a side-note, it seems the levels listed in XIVDB for the recipes are the “rlvl”s that I’ve been referring to. They have “Agate Ring of …” as “recipe level 115” and “Yeti Staff” as “recipe level 120”.

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