ANIMA NERFS GALORE! FFXIV Patch 3.38 Overview & Thoughts

I totally get your point on low pop servers. But I do think that relics relying on the market is a good decision, it forces people to farm in a lot of different ways and people with money can skip the farm by using the market (capitalism working as intended). What most people tend to complain is how much it costs, but those are usually the lazy ones, as they don’t even consider the possibility of farming the mats like they should and they just get played by the market.

I do have some interest in game development, but I will probably take my career in the way of cyber security and see how it goes, later I might give game development a chance professionally, and not just as a hobby.

FF14 is kinda too casual, FF11 was too grindy, more of a middle ground would be nice. FFXIV is missing on content between patches, the hype on patches works well, but it dies out too quickly. I would discuss some ideas on how to fix this or take it in a better direction, but I don’t think this comment section is the place for this.

I do think SE could be doing more, FFXIV is making a lot of money, they should be reinvesting more and increasing the dev team. This would let them to test a lot of new ideas and tweak what works.

belialpt I’ll be honest, I tried to get enough Gil to do the 210 weapon, and burned out so hard I only just fired the game back up again today, and only because my FC asked if I was coming back. I’m glad I did, but that step was far to much, much the same way A3S apparently nuked the raid community.

Why are you all upset? Since day one you knew this is coming. I mean you knew nerfs were coming. You could have waited. I only got the relics that I needed IE if the 230 relic is better than the lore and I actively play the class then I got it. If you grind this stuff out early idk why you think you should be upset when nerfs come. They’re inevitable and as I said you could have waited lol.

It’s the method of nerfing. Its a kick to the balls to players that continue to play everyday and spend what they obtain on a day to day basis, while rewarding people that didnt play and had completed 30% of the grind.

The one way that wouldnt hurt anyone would be to increase the amount of items rewarded from doing said activities from patch day forth. Not reducing the cost.

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