Am I the only one that sort of kinda likes the nerf to FFXIV SoF?

The problem with the Trial was that youre asking a random group of people over the internet to cooperate. That usually almost never ends well. With the boss having less HP than before, you can still have a chance of winning even if you miss a large cannon shot. I’m all for difficult gameplay, but the way it was before was “Oh you missed a shot? Guess what, youre screwed. Now please wait patiently for the boss to slowly walk towards your inevitable defeat.” And with no way to reset the trial to a checkpoint a loss can be incredibly irritating just to go back to the one spot you screwed up on. “Missed that vital canon shot at the very end?” Hope you enjoy 10 more minutes of doing the exact same thing again.

Take that as you will. But remember, when youre asking random people to cooperate, you have to take into account that almost no one wants to step up and give out orders and some people just refuse to cooperate even if it means a win for the team. Were humans. Were a**holes by default.

It didn’t need one. We had something outside of coil that was even somewhat difficult.

If you cannot read, since they TELL you when to go here and there and cannot cooperate with the peoples

then how very sad this turned out to be. People wanted to rush in and DPS race it.
The main problem is it was gated behind the expansion so… Still, they nerfed a few dungeons outside coil because people

teared up plenty of times. I just hope 3.0 has good stuff in new dungeons that’s HARD! and not face-roll easy.

An easier fix was either give more time during it the whole thing.
[You were waiting an impending doom because if you missed a thingy it took forever for Vishap to get to the end
so you were basically having a tea party as he got to the gate lol.]
Or more time in itself. After about 2 fails, people got it together but the time limit is what was hurting a lot of people too.
Could of given a re-start trial with the same team as well. A lot of easy fixed but the nerf bat is always numero uno.

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