Allow for alliances to queue up for PVP?

Hello everyone!

To the amazement of many, there are active communities of PVPers within several servers. Many of us run dozens of times a week, and will constantly be pvping throughout the day. On several nights, we’ll organize premade nights, bringing in 8 people, 16 people and even 24 people!

It’s a blast, however the method we use to queue up is archaic and disruptive to queues. We have the party leaders queue up in English, and then have a vocal confirmation when the queue pops. If there is no vocal confirmation from one of the leaders, or a member confirms that there is no pop the two other PT’s will leave the queue.

This is disruptive in many ways, and I will do my best to outline them below.

1. We maintain priority within the queues, meaning anyone else on our server, who already is suffering from long queue times have absolutely NO chance at having a queue pop while we’re waiting as 24. The reason for this being, is we’ve essentially taken over the queue positions for 24 people. We’ve confirmed this by conducting tests while we’ve queued up as 24. The solo queue players who weren’t able to make into our 24 man group were simply left waiting for upwards of an hour for a pop. We feel this is disruptive and doesn’t allow for solo queue play while we occupy the queues.

2. In the paragraph prior I explained how we would drop queue if one of the party leaders didn’t give vocal confirmation of a queue popping. I hope you can understand why this is extremely toxic, we’ve essentially allowed for one party to be left alone, at the mercy of those who are queuing up for in progress. I know those who PVP frequently know that in progress spots often don’t fill up at all. We fear every time we abandon a queue we’re leaving 8 people to fend for themselves against 48 other players.

Lastly in conclusion I would like to offer some kind of solution to this, allow there to be an option for players to queue up as an alliance like you would in the Crystal Tower raids. However, allow us to be matched up against other premades, and if there aren’t any available give us second priority to the solo queue players. We do not want to hijack their positions and make it so you could only play Seal Rock as a premade, however we want a simple and intuitive way to queue up, and know that all the time we’ve spent in queue is not wasted.

This way, we as 24 can queue up, and we’ll patiently wait within queue, once it pops, we will know that everyone is accounted for, and we can enjoy PVP like we want to.

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