Akira Toriyama special event suggestion

I think it will be a good idea to create an Akira Toriyama based event. We had Dragon Quest already, but I feel we need more from this fantastic artist. Many things come to mind, such as Chrono Trigger (many times requested) based minions/mounts/glamours, amongst maybe the most iconic elements of his work. Maybe something related to his birthday or anniversary? I don’t know. But it is definetly worth it, and seeing that even Yokai Watch blends in better than expected with the FF14 universe, anything will fit just as nicely.

For example,

Chrono Cross:
– Crono, Marle, Ayla, Frog, Magus, Robo (I mean, how cute will that be??) minions. Lucca/Crono glamour sets.
– Dactyl mount.

Dr Slump:
– Arale minion/glamour set.
– Senbei’s “N’Cha” as an emote.
– Gatchan minion.
– Obotchaman mount.
– Unchi-kun minions (yes, the poop!)

Blue Dragon:
– Deathroy minion.
– Destroy mount.
– Shu, Zola, Nene, Kluke, Jiro minions/glamour sets.

Dragon Ball:
– Kinto-un mount (obligatory!)
– Karin minion.
– Capsule minion (that while idle, switches randomly from a caravan/minihouse/car back to capsule).
– Muten Roshi’s training uniform glamour.
– Mr Satan minion.
– emote that transforms you for 5 seconds into super sayajin 4 (hehe) but keeping your character’s normal size.
– the seven Dragon Balls floating around your character as a minion.
– Goku’s and Chichi’s haircuts.
– Mr Popo and all the Kami/Kaioh samas as minions.

What do you guys think? Wouldn’t it be great for Toriyama fans?

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