Adjustment Request: Temple Leves

Putting it into patch notes format with explanation below because organized. To summarize, though, it is not worth the expenditure of allowances to do large-scale leves unless you just want to burn away your stockpile quickly (with the occasional treasure chest for the Amber-encrusted Vilekin x5).

Large-scale Temple Leves

– The number of allowances needed to undertake reduced to 5, from 10.
I think we can all agree that large-scale leves are not worth the reward. Ten allowances spent for one large guildleve does not equal ten allowances spent for ten regular guildleves. Large-scale leves are, however, approximately equal to five allowances, when comparing experience, ffxiv gil, and/or materials awarded.

Alternatively, the experience and ffxiv gil awards could do with a massive increase, to be commensurate with, literally, ten times the amount of a normal leve. Battlecraft classes would rejoice (but not nearly as much as tradecraft triple turnins, or fieldcraft “25”% surveys, I’ll wager).

– Completing a large-scale leve now counts as (# of allowances spent) for the purpose of the challenge log and achievements.
If you’re going for an achievement or challenge log credit, large-scale leves are, as of this writing, AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Why? They count as ‘one’ completion, for both. For ten allowances. This does and doesn’t make sense. Strictly speaking, you ARE completing one, but why should the higher expenditure of allowances not change anything with respect to progress.

Alternatively, they could implement separate achievements for the completion of (only) large-scale leves, with exclusive titles and such. Upping the credit, or adding a different achievement/challenge category, either would be nice and address this complaint issue.

– The number of items awarded x1 for normal battlecraft (ventures) increased to x3.
– The number of items awarded x3 for large-scale battlecraft (food, ventures) increased to x5.
– The number of crystals awarded for normal and large-scale tradecraft increased.
– The number of crystals awarded for normal and large-scale fieldcraft increased.
This is aimed mostly at the venture drops, and the fact that you sometimes have to spend more than the number of rewarded crystals to turn in a large-scale tradecraft leve. Getting 3 ventures for 10 allowances is 😐 at best. It makes me feel scammed when I take a net loss on especially the crystals. Fieldcraft is increased mostly because 26 crystals isn’t very much when we’re talking Lv 58+ and the leve takes 5-10 minutes to complete (you can get far more crystals from other means in the same amount of time).

The food doesn’t feel as big a blow, for some reason.

– Raw materials awarded for completion of large-scale tradecraft increased to match needed quantities for synthesis.
This is aimed at the tradecraft rewards when, for example, you get an amount that can’t be used for most recipes that require a certain multiple. A major example is the number of Cloud Mica awarded. This is usually 30, when the ideal number would be 36; Cloud Mica Whetstones require 3, Titanium Ingots require 4. 36 is a multiple of both numbers and so quick synthesis can convert the latter without leftovers.

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