About that FFXIV smirk…(spoilers)

I’ve been curious about Tataru for a while now, specifically given the strange smirk she gives you right before your ill-fated party in Ul Dah. Obvious assumptions aside, she gave that backwards smirk at the same time we were seeing a lot of people’s smiles fall away when we left. Also, her dialogue states something along the lines of, “Well, goodbye then! Hmm…goodbye seems kind of final, doesn’t it?”

The fact that she is the *only* person aside from Alphinaud to follow is into Ishgard is also disconcerting.

My theory is that Tataru knew that the Scions would be betrayed and was likely working for Teledji or Lolorito (remember when she first became our secretary and complained that we needed funds, and mysteriously got them? I’m sure that she, of all people, would have seen the names of the benefactors), but that she was ignorant as to the outcome. I’ve also noticed that she, on more than one occasion, was simply not present for events that likely would have killed her (most notably, the banquet).

Could it be possible that she did not want or expect the Scions to die, but wanted something else instead, and Teledji or Lolorito kept her partly in the dark so that they could use her as their mole within the Scions? Her reason for being so adamant in helping us now could be her way to atone for what she did.

Given that a lot of storylines in FFXIV come full-circle, her exclaiming that the Scions “need Gil, and lots of it!” during the second-to-last cutscene for Heavensward brought on a very unexpected case of PTSD for me. I’m wondering if part of the Scion’s issues won’t be linked to how and where Tataru acquires her funds later on.

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